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May 25, 2022

10 Games To Play If You Loved This War Of Mine

This War Of Mine is a challenging survival game set during the Bosnian War. You take control of a group of civilians trying to get by in this tragic situation. It is a game full of many pitfalls for new players, but it also provides an incredibly immersive experience. You'll often have to make tough decisions that will affect the fate of your characters for good or bad.

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If you have had your fill of This War Of Mine, there are plenty of games that you should check out next. From games with similar themes to games with difficult dilemmas for you to consider, here are some suggestions that are worth a play.


10 Frostpunk

Frostpunk is another release from the same creators of This War Of Mine: 11 Bit Studios. Because of this, you know you will get a similar tone throughout. The game is quite different otherwise, as you focus on building a city in a freezing cold post-apocalypse.

Frostpunk is an incredibly tough survival game, especially for beginners. You must attempt to keep your citizens not only alive but happy. This can be very challenging, and just like in This War Of Mine, you'll often need to make impossible sacrifices for the good of the group.

9 Papers, please

Papers, Please is all about taking on the role of an Immigration Inspector, deciding on who is allowed to enter the country of Arstotzka. You must study documents and often make snap judgments on who should be allowed entry. Although there are no survival aspects, you still need to provide for your family back home.

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Papers, Please was made by just one person and has managed to pack a lot of themes and atmosphere into a relatively simple game. You'll be constantly faced with moral dilemmas, and just like in This War Of Mine, you'll find yourself fully immersed in the grim setting.

8th the Walking Dead

Telltale's The Walking Dead is definitely worth a playthrough if you are a fan of fantastic story-driven horror games. The game has point-and-click gameplay, with lots of discussions where you have a limited time to choose your responses to different characters. Your decisions always have consequences and can even determine the fate of the people you meet along your journey.

Set in a zombie apocalypse, you help Lee and Clementine survive for as long as possible. Like in This War Of Mine, you'll quickly get attached to the characters and drawn into this world right away. It has a fantastic story from beginning to end.

7 Displaced

In Displaced, you play as a group of survivors attempting to make their way to safety. It has a very similar theme to This War Of Mine, as your characters are ordinary civilians caught in the middle of a war zone. Instead of sticking to one place and hiding out, though, they are setting off to try and escape the country.

This is a harrowing survival game where you will often need to make tough decisions on how to spend your time each day. There are different routes to take and conversations to have. But, can your group make it to safety?

6 Long Live The Queen

Long Live The Queen is a fantastic story-driven game where you take on the role of a royal princess called Elodie. It has quite a different theme and setting to This War Of Mine but will still get you hooked with its story and gameplay.

This visual novel adventure has you navigating royal life, deciding on what Elodie should focus on each day in the build-up to her coronation. You'll have to keep track of her mood and her skillset. There are plenty of branching paths that will create unique storylines for you to discover. You'll often be faced with tough decisions, and the game can be pretty unforgiving at times, too, just like This War Of Mine.

5 Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea is a survival and exploration game focused on themes of loneliness and isolation. After selecting your ship, you set sail into the mysterious, dangerous waters of Fallen London and an underground ocean.

As with This War Of Mine, you are struggling to survive for as long as you can, often making incredibly tough decisions and sacrifices throughout the game. You'll have a clear goal in mind and will keep exploring the Sunless Sea, trying to achieve it. From betrayal to starvation, a lot can happen on your perilous journey.

4 ProjectWinter

For a more upbeat but still grim gaming experience that you can play with your friends, be sure to check out Project Winter. In this game, you and your friends are stranded in a blizzard and must attempt to call in a helicopter to escape. Unfortunately, a few of your team are secretly traitors that will do whatever it takes to ensure no one leaves this winter landscape alive.

This game is all about determining who you can trust and working together despite that uncertainty if you want any hope of surviving this situation. You might want to get some handy beginner tips to help you survive for longer in this challenging survival experience.

3 Not Tonight

Just like This War Of Mine dives into the lives of civilians in a war-torn country, Not Tonight explores a grim future of a post-Brexit Britain. You play as Person of European Heritage 112, who is trying to earn enough to be allowed to stay in the country. You manage to get yourself a job as a bouncer and are in charge of deciding who is allowed into the venues you work for.

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Not Tonight explores its theme in various ways through the game, as you constantly need to decide if you should keep your head down or join the resistance. It is an exciting piece of political satire and even has a sequel game set in a broken America to play as well.

2 Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is set during the first world war. It follows the stories of four people affected by the war in different ways. Their stories overlap as the game progresses. It is a side-scrolling, 2D game with plenty of puzzles to solve that can provide quite a challenge.

Despite its cartoonish art style, this game has a serious, emotional story that will have you gripped. As with This War Of Mine, the game portrays War in a compelling, truthful manner, showing just how tragic conflict can be. You'll be emotionally invested throughout the game's narrative.

1 sheltered

Sheltered is another brutally tough survival game, but this time you spend most of your day in an underground bunker. Instead of being set during a war, the game is set during a nuclear apocalypse. It has a similar side-scrolling view to This War Of Mine but with more of a pixel art style.

As with This War Of Mine, you'll frequently need to send your characters on dangerous scavenging missions, hoping to find anything of use to keep your family safe. It has a lot of survival mechanics to keep track of, and you'll often be juggling the various needs of your family, trying to figure out what to prioritize.

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