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June 18, 2022

10 Next Fest demos to download and play > NAG

Steam's Next Fest has arrived as part of Summer Game Fest (until Monday 20 June), showing off hundreds of upcoming games and their demos. There is so much to discover, so here is a humble list of ten game demos worth driving around the block.

Cult Of Lamb [Steam Link]

Death is only the beginning for this lamb. Rescued by a fallen god, he becomes the avatar of vengeance and the leader of a new cult! Cult of Lamb combines hectic arena combat with base building – it's super slick and excellent.

sweettransit [Steam Link]

Lovers of transport games will enjoy Sweet Transit, a railway builder where you also develop the local economies – even the villages and factories. It's well-designed and polished, with a friendly rustic art style and catchy old-time music.

dome keeper [Steam Link]

Dig or die in this mining meets tower defense game. Monsters want to destroy your dome, so start digging for resources and upgrade your weapons, fighting off waves of new attackers.

Dave The Diver [Steam Link]

Go underwater with Dave, capturing fish to supply the local sushi restaurant. And, hey, you might as well run the restaurant as well! Part side scroller, part cafe sim, and full of outstanding pixel art.

Midnight Fight Express [Steam Link]

It's the familiar 'mean streets' trope: one man vs the city's criminal underbelly, brawling his way to the guys at the top. But Midnight Fight Express pulls it off, delivering intense and dynamic combat with a fluid control system.

Sophia The Traveler [Steam Link]

Join Sophia in this colorful hidden object game. Explore surprisingly complex and large scenes full of people and objects brought to life with small animations. It's a bit overwhelming (and very sugary), but if you want Where's Wally on steroids, this is your game.

Above Snakes [Steam Link]

Survival games are all the rage, but they often also feel very similar. Above Snakes puts a new spin on the genre by letting you build the map, using tiles you unlock while gathering resources. It's very addictive.

Cowboy Life Simulator [Steam Link]

Cowboy Life Simulator puts a frontier spin on the survival genre. You'll chop wood, collect minerals, rebuild your ranch, get some crops, and shoot outlaws. It's a bit rough around the edges but still fun.

One Military Camp [Steam Link]

The cartoon graphics and fluid presentation make One Military Camp stand out from the many other builder/management games. Run your camp, recruit staff and students, build facilities, and send them off on missions.

Anger Foot [Steam Link]

An unholy alliance of gabber, door kicking, roguelites and crotch censorship.

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