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February 16, 2022

15 Best Daddy Dom & DDlg Quotes

Daddy Dom and little girl relationships, also known as DDlg or DD/lg relationships, are among the most commonly misunderstood of the various types of passionate loving relationships that fall under the umbrella of BDSM kink.

I can understand why, at first glance, seeing a dominant referred to as "Daddy" or "Mommy" and a submissive referred to as "little girl" — or baby girl," "boy," "boi," or a variant along those lines — could appear, well, creepy.

However, as the DDlg quotes below show, these cute relationships are typically quite healthy and loving.

What is a Daddy Dom?

A Daddy Dom is a dominant partner (typically male, but not always) who cares for, nurtures, and assumes responsibility for their submissive, typically referred to as their little or baby girl. Talk about freaky relationship goals.

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Daddy Doms may serve as a paternal figure, but that should not be mistaken to mean the people involved in DDlg relationships are in any way involved or approving of incest or pedophilia.

"The Daddy Dom indulges, edifies, and chastises his childlike, submissive partner, who may be both emotionally and financially dependent upon him," explains Miya Yamanouchi. "The partner to a 'Daddy' (or 'Mommy') is a 'little girl' or ('little boy')... [a submissive who] enjoys being treated like a child by her lover, most commonly calling her partner 'Daddy' both in and out of the bedroom."

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