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September 22, 2022

25 Gemini Love Quotes To Describe The 'Twins' Zodiac Sign

Symbolized by the Twins, Geminis are truly two people in one, as these Gemini quotes reveal.

When they want something (or someone), the "other" little voice in their head debates the reasons why they'd want it in the first place, which usually leads them to not making any decision and getting nowhere on the topic.

Gemini adores the idea of ​​love, passion, and romance, but every so often their fear of commitment not only gets in the way, it prohibits them from making the real connections their souls crave. They are also very misunderstood; what reads as coldness or lack of compassion is really only Gemini trying to decide what to do.

Unfortunately, many people can't read through this and end up walking away from the poor, confused Gemini.

Inside them, there's a heart of gold, and they really do mean well, but they undercut themselves so much that they rarely allow that golden-hearted person out. So self-protective are they, that they tend to miss out on the things that require risk or chance.

They can come across as pushy or even cruel at times when they are simply being indecisive. They do not compromise, which can be both a great thing and a terrible one.

How to define the undefinable Gemini zodiac sign? It's impossible, but we can look to certain quotes for inspiration.

Here are the best Gemini quotes that suit the Gemini personality quite well.

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