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June 5, 2022

7 Epic Game Night Ideas You Can Try at Your Next Party – GameSpace.com

No matter what your age, playing games is always a good time. And what better way to enjoy a night than hosting a game night with your friends? It's the perfect opportunity to bond, laugh, and have a good time. The only problem is deciding which games to play. The game night options are endless. However, in this article, you will find seven epic game night ideas that will make your next party a hit.

Cards Against Humanity

This hilarious yet offensive card game is perfect for those who like to push the limits. The game's object is to play the most outrageous card to win the round. It's sure to get some laughs but be warned. It can be raw. The game is recommended for ages 17 and up. Although, if you know your party guests well and think they can handle it, go for it. However, if you have any party guests that are easily offended, you might want to give this one a skip.

Junk in the trunk

This is an excellent game for those who like a little bit of competition. The game's objective is to collect as many items from around the house and put them into your trunk. The person with the most things at the end of the party wins. This is a great way to get everyone moving and see who can be the most creative with their Party supplies for kids. It's also a great way to recycle some of those old party supplies that you no longer need. More so, this party game is perfect for larger groups.

Simon Says

This party game is a classic for a reason. It is simple yet so much fun. The object of the game is to follow Simon Says instructions. But be careful. If you do not follow the instructions correctly, you are out. This is a great party game for kids of all ages. It is also a great way to get everyone moving and laughing. You can find the rules for Simon Says online. Although, the basic rules are pretty simple. However, you can make the game more challenging by adding your own rules.

Musical Chairs

Another party game classic, musical chairs are always a hit. The game's objective is to be the last one standing without a chair. When the music starts, everyone will walk around the chairs until the music stops. Then, everyone will scramble to find a seat. The person left standing is out, and you remove one chair from the circle. The game continues until only one person is left seated, who is the winner. This game is excellent for all ages and can be easily modified to make it more challenging for older kids.


A classic party game that is always a hit, charades are perfect for any size group. One player acts out a word or phrase while the others try to guess what it is. The catch is that the player acting out the word or phrase cannot speak and can only use gestures and facial expressions. It's a great way to get everyone laughing and talking. More so, it is a party game that people of all ages can enjoy.


Similar to charades, Pictionary is a party game in which players try to guess a word or phrase based on drawings made by another player. The player drawing can only use simple lines and shapes, so it's up to the guessing players to use their detective skills to figure out what the picture is supposed to represent. The player who guesses correctly gets the point, and the first player to reach a certain number of points wins the game. It's a great way to get everyone laughing and thinking at the same time.

catch phrase

Another party game that's perfect for large groups, catchphrase, is all about quick thinking and even quicker reflexes. Players take turns passing a small electronic device around, with each player having to guess the phrase that's displayed on the screen. the catch? You can only say one word at a time, and you have to guess the phrase before the timer runs out. This game is perfect for players of all ages, and it's sure to get everyone laughing.

Any of the epic mentioned above game night ideas will make your next party one to remember. So round up some friends, family, or co-workers and get ready for an evening of laughs, competition, and good old-fashioned fun. And who knows, you might just come up with an epic game night idea of ​​your own with a bit of creativity.

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