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August 7, 2022

$90M net worth Kyrie Irving stomping on the Celtics logo 'Lucky the Leprechaun' proved fatal for Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving disrespecting the Celtics logo, Lucky the Leprechaun, brought upon a year of misfortunes for the Brooklyn Nets.

Over the years, Kyrie Irving has rubbed many people the wrong way, whether it be his peers, coaches, or former teams. The former champion isn't a fan of authority, doing things his way and playing the role of a villain to perfection. In what it seems, the Nets guard is in no mood to alter some of his traits.

There is no denying that Irving is one of the most skilled guards the league has ever witnessed. The former ROTY is box office, having us in complete awe with his razzle and dazzle on the hardwood. However, the seven-time All-Star comes with baggage, making him unreliable.

It all began with Irving forcing him out of Cleveland and followed by joining the Boston Celtics. According to reports, the 30-year-old did not want to play under the shadow of LeBron James, hoping to be the face of a franchise. Unfortunately, his marriage with the Cs ended in an ugly divorce.

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Irving's anti-authority nature and erratic ways of working would create a toxic environment for the young Celtics locker room. Nonetheless, despite making several promises to re-sign with Boston, Kai would take his talents to Brooklyn Nets in free agency. The superstar burned all his bridges before leaving the TD Garden.

Kyrie Irving stomps on the Boston Celtics logo Lucky the Leprechaun.

The bitterness between the two parties reached another level with Irving's act of stomping on the iconic Lucky the Leprechaun logo during Game Four of the 2021 playoffs. Earlier that year, Kai would protest by spraying sage at the Celtics arena.

Nevertheless, Irving's disrespectful act would cast a spell of misfortunes at him and the Brooklyn Nets with the following events taking place, consequently.

  • Faced the Bucks in the next round, eliminated in seven games. Irving got injured midway throughout the series. KD stepped on the 3-point line of what would've been a game-winning 3 of Game Seven. They lost in OT

  • Doubled down in refusing to vaccinate, missing most of the 21-22 regular season games for his team

  • His team was plagued by injuries during the season. They finished 44-38 and had to win a game in the play-in tournament.

  • Ruined all of his relationships with the Nets front office, with Sean Marks first announcing he was ineligible to play or practice with the team until he got vaccinated. Although Sean did relent on Kyrie being a part-time player

  • Star teammate James Harden asked to be traded midway through the season. The best player that they could get was Seth Curry.

  • Swept by Lucky's team in the 2022 NBA playoffs

  • Nets refused to sign him to a max contract extension

  • Asked for a sign and trade, with zero teams wanting him at the price the Nets asked for
  • Kevin Durant requesting a trade

  • Rudy Gobert was traded to Minnesota for a king's bounty of picks, setting an unsustainable standard of draft equity needed to acquire star players.

  • KD and Kyrie are now stuck with the Nets.

Via: Reddit

Whatever may be Irving's issues, disrespecting Lucky the Leprechaun was destined to bring bad luck for the Nets guard and everyone around him.

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