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February 18, 2022

Aerial Knights Never Yield: 8 Best Beginner Tips

Aerial Knights Never Yield is a highly stylized and creative arcade-style game that sees you performing parkour movements all across a Detroit-based setting. You play as the titular character, namely, Aerial Knight, as he runs, jumps, slides, and parlors his way through a variety of vibrant, neon-soaked landscapes while trying to outrun those that seek to experiment on him.

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Aerial Knights Never Yield is an utterly unique indie game that nicely blends speed, precision movement, and style with great success, even if it's not the easiest game to get good at. It's certainly a title that is simple to pick up and play but takes a great deal of skill to master and fully get to grips with. Happily, you will have a great time while doing so. Here are some things to keep in mind when first starting out in Aerial Knights Never Yield

It's An Auto-Runner Games

aerial knight running through a factory in aerial knights never yield

First and foremost, Aerial Knights Never Yield is an auto-runner game. This highly divisive genre is typically associated with free-to-play mobile games, something that doesn't always translate well to console or PC gaming.

In the case of Aerial Knight Never Yield, worry not, since the game does a nice job at providing a robust set of gameplay mechanics to keep you immersed. Just know that if you are someone that generally steers clear of this niche genre, this game heavily lies in the auto-running gameplay mindset.

Story Mode Versus Endless Mode

selecting a game mode in aerial knights never yield

Aerial Knights Never Yield offers up two distinct gameplay modes, namely, Story Mode and Endless Mode. While these two modes might be self-explanatory, it's good to know what you are getting into upon booting up this game.

The Story mode is where the bulk of the gameplay is and sees you play as Aerial Knight as he seeks to escape a deranged science lab in and around Detroit. You move from stage to stage in order to progress the story. The Endless Mode is just that, a mode to run endlessly and parkour around various areas.

Choose The Best Difficulty For You

choosing a difficulty in aerial knights never yield

This game features three different difficulty modes; normal, hard, and insane. Aside from a general difficulty spike in terms of obstacles and timing, the main differential is the slow-mo capabilities.

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Both normal and hard modes slow down time as you approach obstacles to parkour over and under. Insane mode ditches the slow-mo in favor of a more pure auto-running experience where you must get in tune with each and every parkour movement in Aerial Knight's repertoire.

Use The D-Pad Or The Face Buttons

using the dpad in aerial knights never yield

If you are playing this game on console or if you are playing with a controller on PC then it's good to know right from the start that you can control your movements with either the D-Pad or with the face buttons.

The game teaches you the mechanics via the D-Pad buttons where each direction corresponds to a specific parkour movement such as jumping or sliding. However, if you are more comfortable with the face buttons, simply use those in their place.

Practice Getting Into A Rhythm

running through a forest in aerial knights never yield

While Aerial Knights Never Yield is not a rhythm game, it's still a good idea to get into a gameplay rhythm. Auto-runners are generally centered around a movement rhythm where you get into a pattern of navigating around obstacles.

This game is no different and the longer you play the more of a rhythm you will slowly ease yourself into. It certainly helps that the jazzy, electronic, lo-fi, and hip-hop tracks that play in the background encourage you to get into a smooth rhythm.

Color coded prompts

jumping over a tree in aerial knights never yield

One of the more unique gameplay aspects of this game are the color-coded prompts in the environment. Each obstacle you need to maneuver about or through is color-coded and corresponds to a button press.

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For example, a red color means you need to jump, a blue color means you need to slide, and a yellow prompt means you need to somersault through the obstacle. It's an intuitive and player-friendly gameplay touch that teaches you the rope of the game while always providing a dynamic touch.

Levels Are Timed And Encourage Speed ​​Runs

clearing a level in aerial knights never yield

As you might expect from an auto-running game, time and speed are essential. Aerial Knights Never Yield is no different and you are constantly under the pressure of a timer creeping upwards as you navigate through each level. In essence, this game encourages speed runs through precision parkour.

While you can take as long as you want to get through each story-based level, the game is arguably more enjoyable if you get through as quickly and efficiently as possible, especially if you want to get a high score.

You Can Unlock New Outfits

choosing a new outfit in aerial knights never yield

During your time playing Aerial Knights Never Yield you will be able to unlock new outfits for our stylish protagonist. These outfits are purely cosmetic but it's still fun to have something additional to unlock.

At certain story points you will unlock a new one to choose to equip from the main menu. Locked outfits are greyed out so you won't know what it looks like until you manage to unlock it.

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