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June 1, 2022

All Weapons In 10 Minutes Till Dawn, Ranked

As you fight for your life in 10 Minutes Till Dawn, the roguelike shooter from flanne, you'll have to rely on your wits, reflexes, and luck to make it through to the end of a run. On top of your character choice and the upgrades you'll acquire as you level up, you'll also have to choose your weapon at the start of your run. While the arsenal here may not currently be as large as its shooter contemporaries, the options up for grabs in 10 Minutes Till Dawn still provide a diverse selection for players to choose from.

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Each gun has its own unique firing pattern and passive abilities, meaning you can tailor your build around the strengths and weaknesses of each. However, not all weapons are created equal and as you battle wave after wave of Lovecraftian monstrosity, you'll likely begin to favor some over others. Whether you like to get in close and blast away, or retain your distance and strategically pick off foes from afar, you'll find a weapon to suit your playstyle here.


4 The Revolver: Reliable But Basic

When you start playing 10 Minutes Till Dawn, the only weapon at your disposal will be the trusty revolver. This hand cannon comes with a respectable clip size, medium-range, and moderate damage - average stats across the board. While this could serve as a deterrent for some players looking for something more exciting to spice up their run, its basic nature is actually its greatest strength.

The revolver is incredibly versatile and able to make excellent use of the numerous perks and upgrades you'll come across as you fight through endless hordes of enemies. Want to increase your area of ​​effect? Grab some split-shot upgrades. Want to turn this handgun into an SMG? Go for increased fire rate and clip size. No matter which upgrades you pick, the rock-solid stats of the revolver will serve as an anchor for your build and will help you learn the ropes as you adjust to the game's difficulty. It's just a shame that it lacks any significant passive traits, which keeps it from truly shining among its peers.

3 The Flame Cannon: Niche, But Powerful In The Right Hands

The flame cannon, at first, seems underwhelming. It boasts the highest clip size in the game but very low damage, and its rate of fire and reload speed leave a lot to be desired. Where its strength lies in its passive, each projectile you fire has a 100 percent chance of inflicting burn on enemies, which will damage them slowly over time. Making the most of this weapon requires extensive knowledge of the upgrade trees available to you as you'll need to stack certain perks to unleash the flame cannon's full potential.

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On top of skills that boost fire damage and provide healing when lighting enemies aflame, which should be the go-to when using this weapon, you can also utilize the Splinter ability to great effect. When enemies die while you have Splinter active, they'll explode into a barrage of bullets. When using the flame cannon, enemies will burst into an array of fireballs instead, meaning you can create screen-clearing chain reactions as enemies light everything around them ablaze.

2 The Shotgun: A Devastating Powerhouse At Close Range

One of the consistent truths of gaming is that if a game has a shotgun, it's going to be fun to use. That remains true here - 10 Minutes Till Dawn's boomstick makes up for its meager clip size by delivering powerful shots in a wide arc in front of you that will melt foes at close range. You can stack even more bullet spread upgrades on this weapon and turn yourself into a walking wall of death, tearing a path through the oncoming hordes with ease.

You can even make up for the shotgun's biggest weakness, its clip size, with the right upgrades. Investing in the clip size upgrade tree can see the shotgun's ammo reserve increasing to five shots total, and taking one of the cursed tomes from the second boss can triple that on top of increasing your fire rate, which turns the weapon into a bullet-hose . Unfortunately, there's no way to increase the range, so if you want to make use of the shotgun, you'll need to be in the thick of things for most of the run. But for skilled players, that shouldn't be an issue.

1 The Crossbow: Pinpoint Precision Is Just The Start

At first glance, the crossbow seems like a strange option. In a game where you're constantly assailed by hordes of quick-moving foes, why would you want a weapon that can only shoot one time before reloading? The true power of the crossbow lies in its high damage and range, which will turn you into an eagle-eyed marksman sniping foes from across the screen. Starting at a whopping 20 damage, you'll be taking out enemies in just two shots from the very start of your round. Taking certain perks will let you boost that damage even further, making most enemies a one-shot kill.

This high damage pairs well with multiple perks. Take some spread shot upgrades and turn the crossbow into a single shot shotgun without the short range. Invest in clip size and diminish the effects of the crossbow's one weakness. Or, look into summon abilities like the floating daggers or scythe, which draw their power from your weapon's damage, making them a perfect complement to the crossbow. The crossbow's only real downside is that its passive ability, which boosts damage the longer you stand still, won't see much use outside of the opening few minutes of your run as, once things get spicy, you'll be moving almost constantly. But its strengths are so great that you'll likely forget about your passive trait altogether as you absolutely shred your foes.

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