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July 28, 2022

Apex's season 14 trailer paid homage to a Mobile legend—and you probably missed it

All eyes were on the upcoming legend Vantage during today's Apex Legends cinematic, but the pre-trailer countdown gave fans an obvious hint at Crypto—and a subtle hint at one of the legends in apex mobile.

during the pre-show countdowntwo syndicate workers were bantering before the beginning of an apex Games match. After one tries to coax the other into gambling, they chat about what they'd do with the winnings. One of them says he's “buying a jacket that reverses time” so he can laugh at his friend for placing the losing bet. This ultra-specific desire is likely a nod to Apex mobile's inaugural mobile-first legend, Fadeas spotted by content creator The Gaming Merchant.

Like Wraith, Fade can also phase between dimensions and use the Void in the Apex Games. One of his abilities, Flashback, will send Fade back five seconds in time, similarly to Tracer's Recall ability in over watch. He also uses his powers during his ultimate, which allows him to send enemies and allies into the Void.

Unlike Wraith, however, Fade can only phase with the help of his suit, which has become an important part of his character, identity, and kit. “A jacket that reverses time” is a highly specific item to buy, and it's likely a nod to Apex mobile's Phasing Punisher, as he is called in-game.

During the launch of Apex mobiledevelopers also confirmed there was no plan to bring Fade into the HD version of apex for the time being. Respawn Entertainment designed Fade specifically for the gameplay in Apex mobile, focusing on some strengths that would translate well into the new systems. Though the interaction isn't necessarily irrefutable proof that Fade will phase between versions of the hero shooter, it's a pleasant in-universe nod that ties the rest of the franchise together.

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