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June 27, 2022

BladePoint Range Weapons Tier List 2022

With Naraka: BladePoint coming to Xbox Gamepass this week, new players have been introduced to the title for the first time. This Naraka: BladePoint range weapons tier list will help players figure out which range weapon suits their playstyle more.

It's important to understand regardless of where weapons are ranked in the tier list, any weapon can be utilized in Naraka. This means you can play with the best weapon and still lose or play with the worst weapon and still win.

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The bow is an all-time favorite within the Naraka community with its charged shots and precision. As long as the bow is charged it will do high damage with a headshot or body shot. These factors are what make having a bow on hand pretty handy.


With its single fire shots, the musket actually puts up more damage than the bow. No matter if it's close-range or long-range the musket will be sure to pack a punch. What the musket lacks is a decent rate of fire and precision making it challenging at times to use, especially with faster enemies.

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Repeating Crossbow

Dealing decent damage, the repeating crossbow has a very fast rate of fire making it a great weapon good for close range. It can be used long range but it will be difficult to aim. Once the enemy is hit it will be hard for them to escape the barrage of arrows.


The swarm acts as a cannon but with a much faster fire rate and is deadly, not only up close but also at a distance. The downside with this weapon is its charge time.

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The cannon is great at dealing damage to multiple enemies at the same time. However, the durability is very low. This weapon is best utilized to attack other teams fighting each other.


The Flamebringer is a big flamethrower good for mowing down crowds of people or even individuals. it's good for enemies at medium range, applying them with the burn effect. Sadly though this weapon doesn't do too much damage.

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While the pistols are an overall okay pick for choosing a ranged weapon, they don't compete with their competition due to their low damage output. This weapon should only be considered as a last resort.

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