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August 26, 2022

Chris Paul's high basketball IQ extends to the financial world as he owns a piece of a $1.5 billion company

Veteran NBA point guard Chris Paul has built an empire worth $160M, with investments in industries like beverages, plant-based food, and pro sports teams.

Nicknamed the Point God, Chris Paul, is one of the best basketball minds in the league today. Possessing an unreal IQ in the game of hoops, the Suns guard is the architect behind running some of the most spectacular plays. Every team that CP3 has been part of has experienced an upward trend in its graph.

Entering his 18th season, Paul is in his best shape, playing prime ball. The former All-Star MVP led the league in assists for the 5th time in his career, averaging 10.8 APG in the 2021-22 season. Unfortunately, the Suns didn't have the desired ending, despite having their franchise-best record of 64-18.

In what it seems, coach Monty Williams and co may need to re-visit the drawing board. With only a few years remaining of CP3's prime, the Phoenix Suns need to capitalize if they desire to win their first championship in franchise history.

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Having played seventeen years in the NBA, Paul has made a bank, successfully managing to multiply it, courtesy of his high IQ that extends to the field of finance too. The 37-year-old has accumulated a net worth of $160M, with some successful investments to his credit.

Chris Paul's top 4 investments.

Before the 2021-22 season, CP3 signed a 4-year $120M contract with the Phoenix Suns, keeping him more than financially secured till the age of 40 years old. The former Clippers superstar is one of the most sellable names in the advertising world, including brands such as State Farm, Air Jordan, and Walt Disney having him as a brand ambassador.

An advocate of veganism, Paul invested in the plant-based food company Beyond Meat, which had an IPO of $1.5 billion.

In an interview with GQthe veteran guard revealed how turning vegan helped him.

“When I first went plant-based, it was for performance purposes, but once I saw how my body changed, and how I felt it was for life,”

"Years ago, I probably wouldn't have even gone outside to run around with my kids and all the other activities because my body would be aching."

The Suns guard also has a stake in some of the pro sports teams.

A philanthropist too, CP3 serves as the perfect example for the current crop of players on how to invest wisely. The veteran guard never fails to impress with his knowledge both on and off the court.

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