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August 29, 2022

Counter-Strike meets Rocket League in speedy new CSGO Kart mod

While most people consider Counter Strike: Global Offensive as just an FPS game, the community has developed it into something more. As with most long-lived games, even CS:GO has multiple mods. Players can install them to experience unique scenarios in the game.

One of the latest mods to definitely try out is CSGO card. It allows players to play capture the flag as go-karts. But where is the fun in CS:GO if there are no blasts? Hence, these go-karts are also armed with rockets.

The mod was made by Dieter Stassen and Luke Millanta, who go by the name “Two Random Dudes.” According to Luke, this mod is like “rocket league but in CSGO and with actual rockets.”

“Instead of playing as soldiers/humans you instead take the form of a rocket-firing go-kart. From here each team battles it out to capture the other team's flag and return it to their base,” he said.

He further explains, “Every time they do this, they score a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Throughout the map, there are speed boosters, ammo (rockets), teleporters, and health kits/boosters.”

Apart from rockets, players can also slam their go-karts by pressing the jump key while in mid-air. Slamming into the enemy base allows players to capture the flag, which they must carry back to their own base and slam to register a successful capture.

The go-karts in the mod also stand out with their bright neon colors and square shapes, giving them a more indie-like look. The CSGO Kart mod is available for download at the Steamworkshop.

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