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June 30, 2022

Cribbage is Not A Game. Cribbage is Life! – GameSpace.com

Have you been trying to look for a new game to play? But how will you choose the right game as the options are endless? Well, you can play the fun game Cribbage to spend some quality time with your close ones.

Although this game has been around for ages, few people know it. Not many people know how entertaining and simple this game is. So, stop looking for any other game and play Cribbage to pass your time in a fun way.

History of Cribbage

Cribbage is one of the popular traditional card games created by English poet Sir John Suckling in the 17th century. So, if you were wondering how old is the game of Cribbage, you have got the answer.

Over the years, the game has gained huge popularity, but its foundation hasn't changed much. That means the rules are pretty much simple and easy to understand. As much as the game was popular in the 17th century, it remained popular among sailors in the 19th century. The sailors often played this game as it only required a deck of cards, pen, paper, or traditional cribbage boards.

Soon, the game of Cribbage got popular throughout the world. This fast-moving game has remained to be fun for all ages.

Why Should You Play Cribbage, a Family-friendly Game

If you have never played Cribbage, here's why you should give it a try.

You can play it as a tournament

Did you know that cribbage boards are the only game legally played on a licensed premise, including clubs and pubs? That means cribbage tournaments are a common thing.

Many restaurants host Cribbage tournaments to raise funds and offer the winner a prize. Tournaments are also a great opportunity for a fun night where you can meet local cribbage players.

It can be played with 2-4 people

When you are playing Cribbage, you do not have to worry about finding multiple people to start the game, you can simply grab a deck of cards and play the game between 2 or 4 people.

You can easily find a Cribbage board for 2, 3, or 4 players, but the last one is a little harder to come by. The number of cards dealt between different numbers of players changes, but the rule of the game remains the same.

You can also play Cribbage online if you find it hard to get the right Cribbage board for the desired number of players. Different gaming sites offer different player options. And you can even play alone by having the computer as an opponent.

cribbage 1

Simple rules

One thing that makes Cribbage so interesting is its simplicity. You do not have to do much learning to understand the rules. This game requires simple math and equations to bring the game to life. This factor has made cribbage popular. Anyone can figure out the game in no time and start playing almost immediately.

Cribbage is 80% luck

The beauty of Cribbage's old-style game is that you do not have to play it long to understand the basics. Also, you do not have to develop many skills as most Cribbage games come from the luck of cards.

If you know the right way of putting the sequence together while playing against someone, you have a better chance of winning the game.

Be Creative and Make it Personal

The more you learn Cribbage, the more you can enjoy this game. Even some people get a custom board made up for them in a personalized way. Cribbage boards seem to become the new sensation in the board game world, where they are the centerpiece of the coffee table.

How Can You Learn Cribbage?

Is Cribbage an old person's game? And how can you learn to play this game? Cribbage is certainly not an old game as people of all ages enjoy it. If you want to learn this interesting card game, you have three ways:

  • Learn from someone
  • Learn from YouTube tutorials
  • download to app

Learn from someone

One of the fastest and easiest ways to learn Cribbage is to learn from someone who already knows how to play the game. You can ask your friends or family to teach you the game. Once you have learned the ins and outs of the game, you can purchase a good-quality wood cribbage board or look for the best site to play this game online.

Learn from YouTube Tutorials

If no one in your network knows how to play Cribbage, the next best thing you can do is learn from YouTube tutorials. Multiple videos are available on this platform where creators have explained the steps to play Cribbage. The YouTube tutorial also lets you know some strategies you can easily apply while playing the game.

Download to App

You can always find an app that can easily teach you the tricks of playing Cribbage in no time. Such apps will let you play a few games against the computer, giving you a better idea of ​​how the game works. This way, you can also develop the much-needed confidence and become an expert in no time.


If you also want to play it, visit Cribbage game online.

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