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May 30, 2022

CS:GO fan creates 'eyes-safe' flash concept that could prevent eye damage

CS:GO is a tactical shooter that's easy to learn but hard to master. And, thanks to its formula, it's one of the most popular PC games in the world.

But, like every game, it has its flaws. One of them is its flash mechanic, which is frankly too bright, especially when gaming at night. When a player gets hit with a Flash Grenade, the screen goes white for a few seconds, which is unpleasable for those with sensitive eyes. To combat potential eye damage, one fan has found a solution to this problem.

in a video posted on CS:GO's subreddit, a user called stndg has presented several possible ways of fixing the flash problem. He included two alternatives for the blinding light that players experience after being hit with a Flash Grenade.

The first one simply turns the screen black, which is much easier on the eyes than bright white. And the second blurs the screen to the point that it's virtually impossible to see in front of the player's character model.

It's unlikely that the above solution will ever make its way to the game because Valve rarely takes notice of fan feedback. But it's still a nice idea nonetheless.

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