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August 22, 2022

Dead by Daylight Unbroken Emblem Explained

Dead by Daylight has a ranking system based on four end-game emblems for survivors. One of them is listed as Unbroken. Behavior Interactive doesn't go into full detail on how each symbol works, but your actions throughout the game dictate your ranking for that emblem.

Successfully obtained Emblems come in four Qualities: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Iridescent.

Iridescent is the best and the hardest to earn for each emblem.

Unlike other emblems, you're trying not to earn points for the Unbroken emblem. You start with zero points, and an iridescent emblem. This is how you gain points and lose ranking.

So it's incredibly hard to gain an Iridescent emblem unless you forgo all objectives and only care about yourself, but even then your only hope is the hatch. It's more of the selfish emblem as if you're toward the end of the game, you may want to just leave and let teammates die if you really care about this emblem.

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