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August 17, 2022

Durand Cup Highlights JFC 1-2 BFC: Sunil Chhetri and Roy Krishna score as Bengaluru FC beats Jamshedpur FC

Welcome to Sportstar's highlights of the 2022 Durand Cup clash between Jamshedpur FC and Bengaluru FC being played at the Kishore Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata.

This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the minute-by-minute updates of this high-voltage clash. Follow the details for the next match HERE. Thanks for tuning into this space and take very good care of yourselves.

Full Time! Bengaluru FC wins the match 2-1

Goals from Sunil Chhetri and Roy Krishna were enough to secure the first win for Bengaluru FC against Jamshedpur FC in the Group A match of Durand Cup 2022.


Jamshedpur is playing five of its players close to the box as it looks to cut the slender lead. Bengaluru FC, on the other hadn, is desperate to run down the clock


A set piece attempt by Bengaluru FC sees Parag deliver a cross from the right, but Namgyal fails to capitalise on it as the ball falls for Udanta. He is surrounded and he kicks it back to Gurpreet.


Chance! Kojam’s free kick is headed in by Rishi, but the ball just rubs off the goal post.

86’ Yellow Card! Parag gets into the book for a foul on Rishi

Rishi tries to get the ball into the box, but is fouled by Parag and the referee gives a yellow card for the BFC player.

84’ Substitution for Jamshedpur FC!

Advait gets on the pitch to replace Saphaba Singh as Jamshedpur tries to fins an equaliser in the last 10 minutes of the match.


Roy Krishna gets the ball in the final third, but there is no other BFC player around him as he loses the ball eventually. Faisal gets possession back from JFC and crosses for Krishna, but it is too high


Time for a water break! The referee stops play temporarily as the teams regroup before the final 15 minutes of the match.

Did you know?

Roy Krishna is the fourth highest goalscorer in the Indian Super League with 36 goals in 60 matches. He won the ISL Championship with ATK in 2019-20 and the Golden Boot in the 2020-21


Jamshedpur tries to play using a long ball approach, but Jovanovic stands as a pillar at the back and clears the ball from in front of the box.


Bengaluru FC is now playing its cards carefully with five men at the back now as Aryan Sonowal and Piyush Thakur push along both the flanks.

65’ Substitution for Bengaluru FC

Faisal Ali and Namgyal Bhutia replace Leon Augustine and Sunil Chhetri as Grayson tries to check the depth of the squad ahead of a busy season.

62’ GOAL! Jamshedpur pulls a goal back

Rishi, who entered the pitch for the Red Miners in the second half, guides the ball into the net from a free kick by Phijam Vikash.

58’ Red Card! Bengaluru FC reduced to 10-men

Hira Mondal, who was already on a yellow card, gets into another rash challenge and the referee shows him the red card. He is off and Bengaluru FC is down to 10 players

56’ GOAL! Roy Krishna scores his first goal for Bengaluru FC

Sunil Chhetri pairs up with Roy Krishna, delivers the ball with a beautiful backheel and Krishna puts the ball into the net to double the lead against Jamshedpur FC.


Chance! Udanta storms into the box with a run along the right and crosses for Sunil Chhetri who was waiting in front of the JFC keeer. Kojam Beyong, however, gets to the ball first and steals another opportunity for Bengaluru FC to score.


Bengaluru FC has eight players high up the pitch as Suresh gets to a cross from Roy Krishna on the left, but his header is too high, as the ball flies over the net.

Two Half-Time substitutions for Bengaluru FC!

Aleksandar Jovanovic and Roy Krishna replace Bruno Ramires and Alan Costa as Grayson looks for more attacking power to widen the lead.

Second Half Begins

Half Time!

After two minutes of stoppage time, the match stops following the referee’s whistle. Sunil Chhetri’s goal in the 23rd minute has been the difference in the match so far. Bengaluru remains ahead with the score 1-0 against Jamshedpur FC.


Chance! Udanta makes a run along the right flank and crosses for two white shirts approaching the box. But his cross is missed by Leon as BFC continues to attack.

42’ Yellow Card for Hira Mondal!

Hira Mandal tries to steal the ball from Piyush with a challenge from the back as the JFC player goes down, screaming in pain. After a brief treatment, both players are back on the pitch and the former East Bengal player gets into the book.

40’ Keisan gets a yellow card!

Keisan Angelo of JFC tries to get the ball back with a rash challenge and gets into the book for the challenge. First yellow card for Jamshedpur FC and the first booking of the game.


Vinil Poojary gets the ball in the midfield and tries to deliver a through ball for Piyush Thakur on the right. But he overhits it as the ball goes out for a BFC throw.


Nikhil Poojary goes for goal with a header from the set-piece, but it is saved by Gurpreet. The corner that follows does not pose any danger for the India international this time as Bengaluru remains ahead at the moment.


Corner Kick! Another corner kick by Prabir Das from the right, but this time JFC clears the ball and Jamshedpur goes on attack, with Piyush Thakur making a run along the right, but his cross is cleared for a JFC corner by Alan.


Kojam Beyong tries to stop Leon from a run along the left flank, but ends up fouling the Bengaluru FC player and the referee calls for a quick break. Time for both teams to regroup and evaluate their strategies.

23’ Goal! Chhetri puts Bengaluru FC in front

Bengaluru FC attacks from the set-piece this time. Prabir Das takes the corner and Sunil Chhetri meets it to give the Blues the early lead that it was looking for. JFC 0-1 BFC


Prabir and Danish pair up to create a chance along the right side of the midfield. The latter delivers an aerial ball for Sunil Chhetri, who fails to land the ball to his feet for a shot and Jamshedpur takes back possession.


Prabir Das takes the corner kick, which is cleared initially, but the ball is delivered back into the box. Sunil heads it to to Alan and Mohit comes to JFC’s rescue to punch the ball away.


Kojam Beyong tries to push up front for Jamshedpur FC, but the Indian Super League with Simon Grayson in its side is domintaing the game at the moment as BFC earns a corner kick on the other side.

12’ Chance for Bengaluru!

Udanta goes for goal this time, but the shot is saved by Mohit, but he gets the ball back, passes to Danish, who crosses to Sunil, but Sandip finally clears the ball away from danger. That was the first real chance for the Blues.


Vikash gets the ball back in control for Jamshedpur and Piyush tries to carry the ball along the left wing. Eventually, he loses after a miss as BFC gets a goal kick


Bengaluru FC continues a similar approach as it has throughout in the match so far -- presa high and attack. Udanta Singh goes for attack and the aerial ball that follows is cleared by JFC.


Danish Farooq tries another run into thebox, but Jamshedpur is laying back at the moment.


Prabir Das makes a run along the left wing, cuts to his right, but the final shot ends wide off target.

Kick Off!

Bengaluru FC starts in white from left to right, while Jamshedpur starts in its home kit of red-and-blue from the other side.