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July 31, 2022

Elden Ring DLC ​​Leaked?

Elden Ring was one of the most anticipated games of the last decade. With the Dark Souls gameplay style and writing from legendary author George RR Martin, many fans anticipated this would be an amazing game. Not only were they right but it may end up winning Game of the Year. With that fans have mostly beaten the game and may be wondering about some Elden Ring DLC. They may be in luck.

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In a leak on Twitter, that was later deleted it would seem as though a list of games coming in 2023 for Bandai Namco were revealed. This includes some brand new games, different Dragonball games, a Digimon sequel and an Elden Ring DLC ​​or possibly new game. The title for the game that was revealed is “Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands”.

A picture of the leak is seen below. This is from a Twistedvoxel.com article.

While not confirmed many different media sources have been covering this leak with the belief that it or an Elden Ring DLC ​​is on its way. Until confirmed, this is still a rumor or a leak and should be taken as such.

Fans may be looking for more information but none has been given yet. Along with that, the potential release date for the DLC seems to be a bit away.

For those who may not know, “Q3” stands for quarter three of the year. Meaning that the game could release anytime between July 2023 and September 2023. That would be about a year from when this article was published.

While that may seem like a long time, in terms of game development that would be quick considering the initial Elden Ring release date. Hopefully, it will not get delayed and fans will be able to get their hands on more Elden Ring soon.

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