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June 7, 2022

Epic brings back The Block to let Fortnite players rebuild Tilted Towers

Fortnite is built for and by its community of players. Epic Games often seeks input from players, be it in the form of surveys, in-game voting, or other crowd-sourced efforts. Now, Epic is once again seeking players' help to rebuild a part of the island that was destroyed in the war.

The Block has returned, and players will soon vote on upcoming buildings for Tilted Towers.

Epic announced the new competition today on its official Twitter account and in a blog post, with the first round of voting set to start on July 21, 23, and Aug. 3. The different buildings players will vote on include a new restaurant, apartment, and shop. Epic has also added new tools that will help the player create their submission across different levels.

To help players design their buildings, Epic has introduced the Level Instance Device, which allows players to replicate their buildings once they're saved. Not only that, but the developer has imported 16 different galleries with props, floors, stairs, and walls for the player to build with.

In the blog post, Epic gave tips on how the player can make sure their building meets all the qualifications for a good Fortnite structure. Some of these topics include allowing for the advanced movement of sliding and mantling while others stress the importance of being able to heal and find loot. At the end of the day, it'll be up to the player to use or lose this advice for their building.

Players can only submit one map for each building, otherwise they risk all submissions being rejected. It's mandatory to use one of the current block templates and to use those for their specific building purpose. The apartment you build needs to go on The Block 2.0 Apartments template, for instance.

The 20-day voting period starts on July 21 and runs through the beginning of August. There will be up to three selections per category for the players to vote on. Whether they be an amateur builder or experienced level creator, this is a great opportunity for fans of Fortnite to see their creations in the game.

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