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September 22, 2022

FIFA 23 Premier League September POTM: How to Vote, Nominees

FIFA 23 Premier League September POTM voting is now out with six players nominated for the award.

EA Sports releases monthly SBCs for the Premier League and others celebrating the best performing players from the past month of matches. The winning player receives an SBC and a ratings boost which is available for an extended period of time to complete. Voting is now available for the Premier League September POTM in FIFA 23. Erling Haaland won the previous vote, but it remains to be seen whether or not he'll receive an SBC item.

Here are the nominees for the FIFA 23 Premier League POTM for September:

Players have a small sample of matches to draw from this month considering games were postponed following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Of the favorites, De Bruyne and Rashford stood out. Rashford likely garners the most votes considering an upgrade would make him one of the best cards in the game early on.

Players can head to the link here to cast their votes.

A release date hasn't been confirmed, but it's expected the POTM is released on Friday, Sept. 30 when FIFA 23 launches worldwide.

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