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May 28, 2022

Gordian Quest Sets Off for Adventure on June 23rd – GameSpace.com

Mixed Realms has announced that its hybrid deck-builder/RPG Gordian Quest will be launching out of early access on June 23, 2022. The release version will include four full acts, ten playable heroes, and three game modes. Developers promise over 30 hours of gameplay goodness. The game will be released for PC via Steam. Currently, players can purchase it for $19.99 while after release the price will increase to $21.99.

Gordian Quest is heavily inspired by some of the greatest games of the past including the Ultima series and Dungeons & Dragons. It offers players “modern gaming concepts” including rogue-lite elements and strategic turn-based combat. Players will form parties of heroes that will require leadership and management to be successful in battle.


  • Unique card progression system: A blend of the customization opportunities of action RPGs with thoughtful deck-building.
  • Variety of heroes: Recruit ten heroes, each with their own unique class, skills, and playstyle to form a party of three and bring to the adventure. Play as the Swordhand, Cleric, Ranger, Scoundrel, Spellbinder, Druid, Bard, Warlock, Golemancer, or the Monk.
  • Hundreds of skills: The large variety of passive and active skills that can be deployed during turn-based battles allows players to discover and formulate their favorite combos.
  • Choices matter: Shape the course of your adventure with critical decisions and dice rolls.
  • Synergy system: Build up synergy between pairs of heroes through interactions in-game, allowing them to perform team combos.
  • Multiple game modes: A variety of ways for players to experience and replay the game - a rogue-lite Realm Mode, a long-form Campaign and Adventure Mode, and a 2-player PvP mode.
  • Customizable difficulty: Five levels of challenges ranging from Easy to Torment, plus togglable permadeath options that allow players to tailor their journey to their preference.
  • High replayability: Procedurally generated maps, dungeons, and randomized hero skills make each playthrough unique, and players will get rewarded across multiple game modes. Players can expect each run to last about half an hour in Realm Mode, to more than 30 hours of gameplay in the long-form modes.

The game is in English with text localization in several languages ​​including English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Korean.

Check out the Gordian Quest Steam page to learn more.

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