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July 2, 2022

Grab Mobile Gaming By The Analog Sticks With The PowerA Moga XP7-X Plus – GameSpace.com

PowerA is out to amp up mobile gaming with the reveal of the new PowerA Moga XP7-X Plus.

Just announced by PowerA, the manufacturer behind Ultra High Speed ​​cables and the LucidSound audio brand, the Moga XP7-Plus is more than the Moga controllers of old. This brand new addition to the PowerA portfolio is an entirely new approach for anybody getting to grips with on the go gaming. Designed to cocoon mobile gaming platforms, the XP7-X Plus presents plenty of different ways to play when your games are up in the cloud.

While this quality crafted controller might extend to encompass phones as big as 7.13in using its telescopic configuration, it also supports PC gaming via an integrated USB port too. For those who do prefer to relax at the back of the bus or just lie back and cut through the latest questline in Genshin Impact, this controller features a clamping action for plenty of control, a Bluetooth connection for wireless control, and an integrated 2000mAh battery . For anybody who has a desktop on hand, this even includes a kickstand to provide even more flexibility.

Like any decent desktop controller, this also includes the usual format of analog sticks, triggers, and shoulder buttons. Gamers can also configure advanced gaming buttons on the back of the XP7-X Plus to give them the edge when getting competitive up in the cloud.

Most importantly, the latest controller from PowerA introduces more choice to the Moga lineup. It takes plenty of inspiration from other leading mobile peripherals and adds useful extras to make it worth a look if you're already used to what cloud gaming services can do on a small screen. Check out more about the PowerA Moga XP7-X Plus over on the official PowerA website.

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