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May 27, 2022

How much does Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Cost?

The Monster Hunter franchise earned a wonderful reputation for their post game update installations. Through either free downloadable content or huge paid DLC, the Monster Hunter Post Game updates practically create a whole new experience of monster killing fun. With Sunbreak releasing on June 30, 2022, players may be wondering how much does Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak cost?

Here are all the different price points for the game.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Price

Keep in mind, the prices sown on here are mostly for US consumers. Therefore the currency will be in USD, with tax and shipping not included. But price-point analysis should stand true regardless of region.

Monster Hunter Rise Base Game + Sunbreak ($69.99) Recommended

When purchasing the full game alongside the DLC together, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak costs $69.99. This specific deal stands for the Switch version when purchasing on a third party website. The deal can be found on sites such as GameStop other Amazon. Simply click on the appropriate link to be redirected. Keep in mind, the $69.99 (tax and shipping not included) bundle is for physical copies of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It seems the deal isn't available for digital copies. For players who haven't purchased the base game yet, and are planning on buying the DLC, TGH recommends this specific deal. More price-point analysis on this later.

Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Kit ($14.99) Not Recommended

There's also something called the Monster Hunter Rise DELUXE Edition, but don't be fooled by this. The Deluxe Edition is NOT Sunbreak, and really only includes cosmetics alongside perhaps some consumable items. So unless the buyer just has a lot of money they're willing to throw into the wind, it's recommended not opting for the deluxe bundle. The Deluxe Kit costs $14.99.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak ($39.99) Recommended

Now, what about for players who already have the base game? The next section will discuss information relevant for both Nintendo Switch alongside Steam users. When purchasing the DLC alone, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak costs $39.99 for both platforms. That's practically enough money for an entire new game. So why should players pay this?

Well, Monster Hunter World Iceborne marketed in practically the same manner as Sunbreak. And for committed Monster Hunter players, Iceborne provides more than enough content to warrant the purchase. It practically serves as an entire sequel to the main installation, rather than the industry standard's DLC. If Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak releases in the same manner as Iceborne, and Capcom continues to support the game with updates, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will undoubtably become the next hot topic in the video gaming industry.

Monster Hunter Rise ($59.99 Digital, $29.99 Physical) Physical>Digital

Here's the relevant information for players who are new to Monster Hunter Rise, and hoping to purchase the base game in preparation for Sunbreak. Unfortunately, the digital base game currently costs $59.99, standing at the price of a full fledge new entry. Now that's quite expensive. But if players look towards online websites, attempting to purchase the physical copy instead, it's actually a far cheaper $29.99.

The deal can be found on sites such as GameStop other Amazon. Simply click on the appropriate link to be redirected.

So the price point analysis is pretty bare bones, and shouldn't really come as a surprise. If players purchase the digital version at $59.99and Sunbreak as well, that totals up to $99.99. That's far too expensive, and should be avoided if possible. But if players purchase the Physical version instead, and pay for the DLC, that's back at the same price of $69.99.

In Conclusion

That concludes all the currently available Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak cost and prices. The game may receive sales in the far future, but that'd probably have to wait for at least a year or two. Once again, keep in mind this particular article doesn't take tax into consideration. For players wondering whether to buy the game or not, although it isn't officially released quite yet, it's highly likely to be a fantastic game. Capcom earned a great reputation for supporting their main line installations. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, though not guaranteedwill highly likely be a great update to an already great game.

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