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February 13, 2022

How To Get The Star Wars Force Choke Weapon In Dying Light 2

gif: Techland / Ashes Wolf / Kotaku

Dying Light 2 has a big and cool doom Easter egg in it. It's very nice, complete with a special new shotgun and a visual filter that makes the game look more retro. However, the folks at Techland decided that wasn't enough and stuck a separate and so cool star Wars Easter egg in this already elaborate secret level.

As a person who really liked Dying Light 2enjoys video game Easter eggsand adores silly weapons, I'm not mad at all. And as someone who considers himself a big star Wars other doom fan, I'm really, really not complaining.

This cool secret-in-a-secret was spotted by PC gamers and thankfully YouTuber AshesWolf created a handy little video guide showing you just how to unlock these hidden easter eggs.

First, you'll need to find five creepy rubber ducks. Then you bring those to a Hellish location found under Dying Light 2's tallest building. Using wires, you create a pentagram-like symbol and open a portal to the doom Easter egg, which is a recreation of the opening level of the classic and iconic shooter. That alone would be enough for a blog post from me. But no, there's more.

Eventually, towards the end of the level you'll find a wall where, in the original doom, there is a hidden door. Well, Dying Light 2's recreation also has a secret door. Go in and you'll eventually find a blueprint that will let you force choke enemies in the game, just like Darth Vader. The blueprint's description even directly references a line from Star Wars: Rogue One, when Vader chokes a guy while telling one of the dumbest dad jokes in the galaxy.

Dying Light 2 has some other cool Easter eggs in it too, including a fully working bicycle other hoverboard. PC gamers also covered a secret that turns your hand into a working gun.

It makes sense that Dying Light 2 has all these secrets and silly Easter eggs in it. The first gamealso developed by Techland, was filled with similar stuff, too. See, zombie apocalypses can be fun.

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