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July 18, 2022

Is Dragon Ball Z Coming To Fortnite?

Fortnite has shown the gaming community that they're no strangers when it comes to collaborations and crossovers. The possibility of gamers' favorite anime making an appearance in the title became a reality. It all started with the inclusion of characters from the anime Naruto. Now there are rumors of Dragonball Z coming to Fortnite.

Readers should understand that what they are about to view is only considered a leak. Any information presented is only alleged and has not been confirmed by the publishers or developers themselves.

The Leaks

Several leakers and data miners including prominent Fortnite leakers hypex, have reported that the upcoming Dragon Ball skins will most likely be arriving in Fortnite. These skins would make an appearance towards the end of August after Epic's summer break. This leak is supported by the fact that the new anime film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is to be released in the US on August 19. With the movie releasing around that time in August it would be most reasonable for the skins to make an appearance to promote the new movie.

Following Fortnite update 21.20, hypex once again claimed to have made a shocking discovery. Within the files of the game lay a Creative Stamina Prop. The shape of the prop and its logo has a lot in common with Capsule Corp company. Capsule Corporation is a company within the Dragonball Z universe.

Leakers are claiming that there will be a total of four Dragon Ball skins coming to Fortnite. Two of those confirmed skins are to be the main characters Goku and Vegeta. The other 2 skins are left unknown.

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