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June 24, 2022

Is Shinobi Strikers worth playing?

The multiplayer Naruto game recently gained a resurrection of players. Prioritizing 4v4 combat, the team game allows players to utilize a custom character to fight against other ninjas. With the game now being a couple of years old, players may be wondering, is Shinobi Strikers worth playing? Or do the poor reviews from ages ago still hold up today? Here are some factors to consider.

barrier of entry

Shinobi Strikers is a bit competitive, by nature of the player versus player aspects. There's a decently big learning curve when it comes to the game, especially when regarding optimizing movement. This doesn't mean players cannot just dive right into the game with little experience. But for players who literally just started, there's a chance they just get absolutely demolished by veteran players. But why is this?

Well, the matchmaking system isn't all that polished. Compared to what it was like before, when it took literally 30 minutes to find a game, shinobi strikers came a long way. But there's still definitely a lack of skill based matchmaking.

And with the game having been out for a while, many of the players have had literal years to honor their skills and builds to the utmost perfection.


At the moment, the game costs $4.99 on steam. The sale lasts until early July, so for those interested in getting it, now is the best time. But at the same time, don't be completely fooled. To be able to acquire some of the best moves, players want have to buy DLC. There are plenty of moves included with the base game. But with so much of the game being updated through paid content, and so much content to be had, it becomes a little overwhelming organizing through the information.

One simple thing to focus on is that different classes do not share the same moves. So pick out a class that suites best, and focus the DLC purchases and grind on that specific class.

What has improved?

Well, to be honest, the game was unplayable before due to the extremely poor matchmaking. It took literally 30 minutes to find a game, or for longer cases, an hour. Due to this issue, many said that shinboi strikers was not worth. But nowadays, ninja world league (the ranked system) actually has quite fast loading times.

The game's overall balance isn't terrible either. With a huge selection of moves to choose from, the customization feature allows players to really cater their playstyles to their own liking. The biggest caveat is, it just takes time and a little bit of money investment to do so.

In conclusion

For those who haven't tried Shinobi Strikers, looking to get into it, now's honestly the best time. The game isn't necessarily worth the full price, but on sale, it's definitely worth a try. Just be mindful of the amount of DLC that may be needed, as that may be the worst aspect of the game. But otherwise, especially for those looking for games to play with a friend or two, Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Strikers is honestly a very entertaining entry to the anime game franchise.

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