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July 18, 2022

Is Staraptor Good in Pokemon GO?

With trainers celebrating Pokemon GO's Community Day featuring Starly, it's important to know whether or not all their efforts with Staraptor are worth it.

We've taken the guess work out of figuring out whether or not Staraptor is good in Pokemon GO. Below, we've explained everything trainers need to know about this Pokemon in-game and what they can expect from investing in one.

Yes, Staraptor is a phenomenal flying-type to have in Pokemon GO. It is among the best of its type and some have called it the best regional bird in the game. It has the following stats:

While it used to enjoy a relative niche in the Ultra League, its new CP threshold gives it a decent chance in the Master League for trainers looking to place a flying-type on their team.

Additionally, its ideal moveset of Quick Attack/Wing Attack and Brave Bird give it massive DPS potential in both Gyms and Raids as well as Trainer Battles. There is debate over whether Quick Attack or Wing Attack is the superior choice, but trainers may want to leave this up to their own discretion whether or not to prioritize Energy generation or flying-type damage, respectively.

Staraptor is best utilized as an offensive lineman on a trainer's team. Its highest stat is Attack, followed by Stamina, making it less of a glass cannon than others in its class. It's by no means a hardy bird, but it can take a hit or two before fainting. Staraptor can be a great foil to fighting-types like Machamp.

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