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May 29, 2022

It's Never a Bad Week to Play GTA Online – GameSpace.com

As the title says, it's literally never a bad week to play GTA Online, especially if you're in need of in-game cash to purchase all of the great things that are on sale this week. Rockstar has players covered both in the earnings department and with some pretty sweet sales of things that everybody wants. Let's see what's on offer every week.

  • Earn double GTA$ and RP on the brand new Vespucci Job (Remix)
  • Double GTA$ and RP are also available for all Clubhouse Contracts, MC Work, MC Challenges, VIP/CEO Work, Bunker Series, Truck Off, and Mobile Operations
  • Biker Business Supplies are 50% off
  • MC abilities are free to use through June 1
  • Associates and Bodyguards will earn double salaries
  • Next-gen console players can head to Hao's to try out the Ubermacht Sentinel XS and take part in the Special Works Time Trial
  • Everyone can go to The Diamond Casino & Resort to spin The Lucky Wheel for a chance at the Ubermacht Revolter among other prizes
  • The LS Car Meet Prize Ride is the Bravado Youga Classic
  • The Test Track is offering players a chance to try out the Vulcar Fagaloa, Declasse Vamos, and Dinka Jester RR
  • Warehouses and Vehicle Warehouses are 30% off
  • Imani Services are 75% off
  • Vehicle discounts range between 30% and 40% off
  • Log in between now and May 29th for GTA$100K as a bonus
  • GTA+ Membership (subscriber) bonuses are in effect
  • Prime Gaming members tying their account to a Rockstar Social Club account will receive GTA$100k or if already enrolled, will receive GTA$100k

Head on over to the GTA Online official site for all the details.

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