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June 20, 2022

JDG continue undefeated start to 2022 LPL Summer Split with win over OMG

JD gaming are on fire to kick off the 2022 LPL Summer Split.

They've already taken down strong League of Legends teams like Top Esports, Edward Gaming, and LGD gaming in the first two weeks of the split. And today, JDG beat Oh My God 2-1 to remain undefeated.

OMG came prepared for this intense matchup, however. In the first game, OMG's AD carry Able and mid laner Creme completely outshined their counterparts from JDG. Able's quadra kill on Kai'Sa sealed the first game in OMG's favor.

JDG came back with a vengeance against OMG in the second game, though. Kanavi's Viego and Yagao on his Lissandra were crucial in teamfights, continuously roaming and ganking enemy champions. In the end, JDG came out on top, making it a similar situation to week two where they came back strong against LGD after losing the first game.

OMG banks on leagues Recent durability patch in the third game, picking a squishy high-damage lineup without any notable frontliners. On the other hand, JDG's 369 on his Sion was always charging into teamfights and tanking damage while Hope, Yagao, and Kanavi cleaned up from behind. This combination helped JDG win various teamfights even when OMG cornered them. JDG clinched the win after nearly acing their opponents.

With this 2-1 victory over OMG, JDG improve to 4-0 in the 2022 LPL Summer Split. Their next game will be against Ultra Prime on June 24 at 6am CT. OMG sit in last place right now in the LPL Summer Split at 0-3. Their next match is also on June 24 against LNG Esports at 3:45am CT.

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