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July 14, 2022

"Kevin Durant didn't take a water break": Lethal Shooter spills the beans on recent workout with his high-school mate

Chris Matthews, popularly known as Lethal Shooter, gives an insight into his recent workout with high-school mate and Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

Lethal Shooter is a known name in the NBA world today, having a successful career as a shooting coach. The 37-year-old's clientele includes the likes of Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis, Candace Parker, and Skylar Diggins-Smith. Nonetheless, Matthews didn't have it easy, going unconventional way.

Touted to go pro, Matthews suffered umpteen injuries during his playing years in college, resulting in him going undrafted in 2010. Unable to stay away from basketball, the former Washington State player switched hats, finding success as a shooting coach in the NBA.

Matthews was quite well-connected within the league, having played alongside talents like Kevin Durant, who he recently caught up with.

Matthews was one of the first witnesses to Durant's development into an all-time great, having played with him during their high-school days in Washington. Recently, the two got a workout session together, with the Lethal Shooter applauding KD's work ethic.

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The NBA shooting coach was extremely delighted to catch up with his high-school mate from Oak Hill Academy, Durant, with both deciding to hit the gym.

Lethal Shooter gives his flowers to Kevin Durant.

One of the most skilled big men to play the game, the Slim Reaper is an elite scorer, especially from the mid-range. The four-time scoring champion has impeccable shooting prowess, blessed with a clutch gene. Though he may not be the most beloved superstar, one cannot deny his mastery.

While there is not much about it in the public eye, Durant constitutes a one-of-a-kind work ethic. The 33-year-old toils hard and is not merely reliant on his talent. In the past, we've seen former teammates like Russell Westbrook and Andre Iguodala acknowledge KD's dedication to his craft.

The two-time Finals MVP recently caught up with his high school buddy and shooting coach Chris Mattews for a workout, who was mightily impressed by the Nets superstar.

Currently, the eye of the storm as he forces himself out of Brooklyn, it will be interesting to see what's the next chapter for Durant. As whichever team he goes to become instant playoff contenders at the very least.

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