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May 29, 2022

“Kevin Durant is 7 feet and can do everything a point guard can do”: When Anthony Edwards snubbed LeBron James and Michael Jordan as his picks for the GOAT debate

When asked for his opinion on Kevin Durant, Anthony Edwards revealed that the Nets star was the greatest player ever.

The NBA has been blessed with several talented superstars throughout the course of its 75 years of existence. Many, in their own way, have revolutionized the game, however, when talking about the famous GOAT debate, only two players majorly dominate this endless conversation – LeBronJames other Michael Jordan.

However, Timberwolves youngster Anthony Edwards had a different opinion. A few years ago, Ant-Man was asked to give his opinions on Kevin Durantand the high-flying guard deemed The Durantula as the greatest player ever.

Taylor Rooks: So, Anthony, up there when we were talking about KD, you said you think he's the greatest player.

Anthony Edwards: yes

Taylor Rooks: Ever or right now?

Anthony Edwards: Ever...cause he's 7 feet, and can do everything a point guard can do.

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When Anthony Edwards ranked Kevin Durant over the likes of LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Kevin Durant is one of the game's greatest players. Ever since Durant set foot on the hardwood as a young 19-year-old, he was immediately considered to be one of the best players in the league. 12 seasons later, KD is one of the most prolific scorers to ever grace the NBA.

Standing at 6-foot-10, Durant is not your typical forward. The versatile KD can handle, pass and shoot as efficiently as a guard, while even rebounding as effectively as a center. And because of his flawless game, The Durantula has one of the most decorated resumes in NBA history.

In the 13 seasons Kevin has played so far, the Brooklyn forward has had 12 All-Star appearances, 10 All-NBA selections, 4 scoring titles, 2 NBA Championships, 2 Finals MVPs, 3 Olympic gold medals, and even won the 2014 MVP honors. Oh and The Slim Reaper managed to do this on an impressive career average of 27.2 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 4.3 assists while shooting on an impeccable 49.6/38.4/88.4 shooting splits.

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However, is KD good enough for him to be ranked above the likes of LeBron and Jordan? Well, Anthony Edwards certainly believes so.

Taylor Rooks: Over Jordan?

Anthony Edwards: yes

Taylor Rooks: Over LeBron?

Anthony Edwards: yes

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