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May 30, 2022

"Klay Thompson over Russell Westbrook and James Harden in NBA 75!": When Stephen A Smith backed the Warriors star and it is worth looking back now

Klay Thompson is in the NBA Finals for the 7th time in his career and yet he has missed out on the NBA 75 list.

The Golden State Warriors are on cruise control and they look ready for the NBA Finals. A lot of the credit is down to just how well the team plays.

They are like a well-oiled machine, a hive of bees working in sync, the Golden State Warriors can be compared to various systems. Each player plays an important role.

There is the leader, Draymond Green. The offensive juggernaut of Stephen Curry. The veteran guidance of Andre Iguodala. And there is also the secret weapon, Klay Thompson.

Widely regarded as one of the best shooters to ever play the game, Klay Thompson rarely gets the flowers he deserves.

He is all time. Yet, the three-time champion did not make the NBA 75 list. Warriors fans think he should be and so does Stephen A smith.

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ESPN reporter Stephen A Smith puts Klay Thompson over Russell Westbrook and James Harden

It looks like a good time to bring this cat out of the bag. Neither Russell Westbrook nor James Harden is in the NBA Finals this year.

In fact, one didn't even make it to the postseason. The other had a rather forgetful campaign. Yet, their past seasons were good enough to push them into the NBA 75.

Another fact is that neither of those players has won a championship. Klay has 3 and he can have 4 this year! When you think about it, Stephen A's take does have some merit.

Whether or not you choose to believe it is another thing entirely. However, we think Klay should be on that list. At the expense of Westbrook and Harden? Maybe not. But we reckon we can find room for the 'game 6 goat'.

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