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July 1, 2022

KRU qualifies for Copenhagen; LOUD qualifies for Valorant Champions

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The runner-ups from the Valorant Champions Tour Brazil Challengers and LATAM Challengers battled it for the last spot at the VCT Masters Copenhagen for South America, where Chilean KRU Esports defeated the Brazilian Ninjas in Pajamas.

The game was a best of 5 maps where KRU, who had lost to Leviatan in the Finals of VCT LATAM Challengers, took on NiP, who had previously lost to LOUD at the VCT Brazil Challengers Finals.

The game started on Breeze, KRU's map pick, where the team managed to edge out NiP, winning the half 7-5. But on the attack, KRU showed absolute masterclass, where they lost only two rounds to close the map 13-8.

On Fracture, NiP's map pick, KRU started on defense and completely locked down the sites on defense, only allowing NiP to get four rounds to win the half 8-4 and then on attack managed to beat down NiP's defence, winning the map 13- 5 with absolute dominance.

With Icebox being KRU's map pick, NiP was in a desperate situation where losing this map would mean they're done for. NiP on defense started strong, winning four rounds in a row, But KRU managed to find an answer to NiP's defense in the fifth round and went on to win seven rounds in a row, where NiP finally stopped the bleeding in the last rounds closing the helped 7-5 in favor of KRU.

NiP again started strong on attack, with NiP winning five rounds out of six, But KRU managed to hold off NiP in the next six rounds and win the map 13-7. With this, they won the series 3-0, defeating Ninjas in Pajamas to become the last team to qualify for VCT Masters Copenhagen.

With Ninjas in Pajamas now out of the running for Masters, LOUD officially becomes the 5th team to qualify for Valorant Champions based on Circuit points. While Ninjas in Pajamas now have to battle through the South American LCQ to make it to the Valorant Champions.


With VCT Masters Copenhagen kicking off on July 10, most teams would be excited to play to compete and cement their spots at Valorant Champions. Now with LOUD, we have five teams who have already qualified with five more to go from LATAM, NA, EMEA and Japan.

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