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August 9, 2022

League's Star Guardian event will be extended due to ongoing bugs around missions

Riot Games has confirmed that the League of Legends Star Guardian event has been extended until Aug. 24 due to major bugs preventing summoners from seeing and claiming rewards from missions.

Reddit user u/Hs_Cogito_Ergo_Sum posted their email response from Riot Support's Esmerunghoy detailing the current bugs and issues the devs are facing during the Star Guardian 2022 Missions. In the email, Riot Support revealed that the event will be extended as a result of the bugs and that any finished missions that aren't shown will be immediately added to the account once the issue is fixed.

"We are aware of delays impacting the progress of the missions as well as the granting of Leveling rewards and Star Guardian Event Tokens," Riot Arwyll said on the Riot website. “We are working on a fix. Rest assured that the delay is only temporary and your rewards are on their way to you.”

Many other players also noticed last week that rewards for missions were no longer showing up in inventory no matter how long they waited. It was even revealed that rewards associated with milestones weren't earned during the event before the missions and Star Guardians tab was removed from the client because of a high number of rewards being distributed.

“The number of rewards being distributed is way higher than we expected,” Riot Mikouz, game producer of League of Legends events, detailed in a Twitter thread. “This has caused rewards to be 'queued' (traffic jam). Our servers are processing them as fast as possible, but in some regions (BR, KR, EU) it may take some time to process.”

Apart from the extended timeline of the Star Guardian event, summoners will also be granted a number of various additions due to the bugs and maintenance period. league players will now be able to earn tokens through loot and missions where they can redeem those tokens for two additional days. Furthermore, a compensation mission will be activated on Wednesday, Aug. 17, which will be available until the Star Guardian event ends on Aug. 24.

For now, players will have to be patient as Riot Support continues to work on the bugs and issues surrounding the Star Guardian missions and events. There is no estimated timeline of completion for when these bugs will be fixed. Rest assured, though, you will at least be compensated extra time to grab those coveted Star Guardian Orbs, Mythic Essence, and Masterwork Chests if you have not yet done so.

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