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July 17, 2022

"LeBron James is generational and yet won by only 2 points": Dion Wright, Lakers superstar's opponent in Drew League had nothing but praise for 'The King'

LeBron James played his first Drew League game since 2011 – he was on cruise control the whole game.

LA was treated to LeBron James' first appearance since last season. and boy did they have fun. Playing in a white jersey, LeBron and co were out to have fun. The 4-time champion was making his first appearance in the league in 11 years. He made sure to make it special. LBJ had 42 points and 16 rebounds. He wasn't by any means the 2018 Cavs Bron that the world cannot get enough of, but he was doing bits.

This was a glorified friendly for the NBA players, but a huge boost for all the others. ” For him to be here and come to the middle of the 'hood where regular people are every day that look up to him, it is dope,” said Ethan Alvano, one of his opponents of the night.

His direct opponent, Dion Wright, was mesmerized because he was marking the man for the whole game. He ended up with 20 points and was rueful about not winning the game. Talk about mamba mentality! The Black Peal Elite was just 2 points from beating two multiple all-stars, so the feeling can be understood.

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LeBron James wants to be his physical best come the 2022-23 season – he has been out of the action for a long time

This is Bron's first appearance on the basketball court in nearly 3 months. He missed the last 7 out of 8 games for the Lakers. The purple and gold faithful are anxious to see how healthy their star man is. While he was not at his clinical best, the Lakers man showed everyone he is back to being 100%. He missed half his shots, shooting 18/36, but that is expected when you haven't shot the ball in 90 days.

His opponents surely had the time of their lives, showing out in front of the best player of the 2010s. Playing against a Hall of Famer like LeBron is a dream of many, and these people in the Drew League experienced that first hand. They had held their own very well, and if he didn't show like Kyrie Irving, Black Pearl Elite would surely have won the game.

LeGM also experienced how it felt to play with one of his missed targets – DeMar DeRozan. DeMar and LeBron played as teammates on the MMV Cheaters and were instrumental in the 7-point comeback in the 4th quarter.

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