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May 24, 2022

Look To The Sky As The Aetherblades Appear In Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 1 Episode 2 – GameSpace.com

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 1 Episode 2 just landed in Tyria and while this isn't 2013, there's still plenty of reason for players to log back in after End of Dragons.

Available now and ready to cause havoc among old Tyria, the latest re-run of Living World Season 1 finds players peering back in time and once more taking on the Aetherblades. Titles Sky Pirates, this part old part new re run of the very first narrative story arc in ArenaNet's massive MMORPG is back. Players picking up this free update to the game should be ready to take a trip back to a time when Lion's Arch was very different, and Scarlet wasn't a name we quite knew yet.

The update will feature a whole bunch of instanced content in the original city of Lion's Arch that launched with the game in 2012 before it was permanently destroyed over the course of the original run of Season 1 nearly a decade ago. We can expect to see the fallout of a tragic attack, the death of some significant figures in Tyrian politics, and the first inklings of a growing Aetherblade threat. There's also likely to be an appearance from Mai Trin, who featured heavily in the opening moments of End of Dragons.

Alongside the returning narrative, players will also include the next Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™ Challenge Mode Strike Mission and a set of Generation 3 legendary weapon variant skins inspired by the Elder Dragon of Death and Shadow, Zhaitan. For more on this latest return to Lion's Arch and the incoming Sky Pirates take a look over at the official Guild Wars 2 website now.

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