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February 13, 2022

Lost Ark Devs Prepared for Alien Invasion and Machine Uprising

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13 February 2022, 20:51

author: Adrian Werner

It turns out that Lost Ark's ToS contains humorous stipulations, included in the event of an alien invasion, a machine uprising, or humanity colonizing Mars.

When installing video games, virtually all of us overlook the Terms of Service (ToS). Sometimes, however, there are real gems in these documents. This is the case with the ToS of the online RPG Lost Arkwhich contains humorous provisions in case of, among others, an alien invasion on Earth.

Lost Ark developers prepared for alien invasion or alien planet colonization

The section dealing with such an eventuality can be found under point 5, where we find the provision that only humans can accept the terms of service of Lost Ark. Corporations, artificial intelligences, aliens, or animals cannot do so.

This provision, however, will be suspended in the event of an invasion of Earth by an alien civilization, a revolt of robots or animals that have reached a level of consciousness that enables them to carry out an effective rebellion against humanity. In that case, the invaders will be entitled to accept the ToS of Lost Ark and start playing the game.

In addition, if humanity begins colonizing Mars or another planet, the provisions of the terms of service will be modified accordingly to not include Earth alone.

Lost Ark has broken the all-time activity records for Dota 2 and CSGO

Staying on the topic of Lost Arkit's worth mentioning that yesterday the game did something remarkable on Steam, reaching the second highest activity score in the history of the platform.

At the hottest moment of Saturday Lost Ark was played by 1,325,305 players simultaneously on Steam. Only PUBG: Battlegrounds can boast a better result (3.2 millionachieved four years ago).

Thus Lost Ark surpassed the two biggest hits of Valve, namely:

  1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive - 1.308 million (record set two years ago)
  2. dota 2 - 1.295 million (record set six years ago)

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