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June 4, 2022

Lost Ark Team Lays Out Details for June and July Content – ​​GameSpace.com

Amazon Games has released a comprehensive roadmap for Lost Ark and what MMORPG players can expect for the next two months. This includes gameplay challenges through Legion and Guardian raids and much more.

Players will be happy to hear that Advanced Classes will continue to be released into the game at a rate of one every two months for the balance of 2022. Amazon has worked with Smilegate RPG to ensure that this cadence is adhered to and has indicated that this is a much faster schedule than in other regions of the world. The first 21 advanced classes will be released before other new or future classes are added to the game.

We know the importance of having a variety of playstyles, and when a new Advanced Class releases we want to provide players who enjoy it with paths to quickly progress. Along with planning out the Advanced Class release cadence, we're also working with Smilegate RPG to plan in-game events and features that will help players progress their characters. As we've mentioned previously, we'll let players know what classes are coming out near Powerpass grants or progression events to ensure players can make an informed decision about how and when they want to use these features. In the roadmap below, you'll find more information on the next planned Advanced Class – the Arcanist.

The roadmap includes what's coming in June and July. Here's a brief look:


  • Legion Raid – Vykas (normal and hard)
  • Guardian Raid - Kugelanium
  • Thronespire single player dungeon
  • Yoz's Jar store cosmetics


  • Arcanist advanced class
  • Valtan Legion Raid (inferno)
  • Challenge Abyssal dungeons

Check out the full post by visiting the Lost Ark official site.

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