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February 19, 2022

"Michael Jordan played for 11 championships and never lost": A look at the vault of Air Jordan

Michael Jordan never lost a title-contending game in his basketball career, which no NBA player has been able to replicate so far.

Recently, Michael Jordan celebrated his 59th birthday with social media buzzing with some of his best throwbacks, whether on or off the court. His Airness was a once-in-a-lifetime attraction, born to play on the hardwood. MJ won everything single accolade in the NBA book during his career.

The NBA owes a lot of its success to Jordan, who played a crucial role in popularizing the sport globally. It was the onset of globalization in the world, paving the way for MJ to increase his popularity to another level. The United States of America saw a role model in Jordan, putting him on every billboard and cover of FMCG products.

MJ, who was once not selected for his basketball high-school team, would achieve unattainable success later. Playing at the guard position, Jordan tasted his first success as a champion in college. His Airness would win the NCAA championship in 1982, playing for the North Carolina Tar Heels.

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What followed was a success story the generation of today will never have the golden opportunity to witness.

Michael Jordan never lost in a final.

The list of MJ's achievements and the events surrounding it would be a story for another day. Discussing Mike is one of my favorite subjects of conversation. However, as a writer, I would want to cater to even a non-sports fan who might have only heard about the name Michael Jordan.

MJ and the term Champion are synonyms, and I'm not exaggerating. The following tweets explain everything.

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However, MJ's legacy would be incomplete without the storylines surrounding it.

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