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June 28, 2022

Michael Jordan's 16.67% is the worst ever in a 3 point shooting contest

Michael Jordan's game was so mid-range dependent that the only time he was in the 3-pt contest, he shot a pathetic 16.67% from the arc.

All gods have a weakness and it looks like Michael Jordan does too. For His Airness, the Achilles heel has always been his 3-point shooting.

This was no more evidenced when he took part in the three-point shooting contest and faltered miserably. He took part in the 3-pt contest during the 1990 all-star game.

MJ shot a pathetic 5/30. Yes, Michael Jordan shooting 5/30! That statistic is nothing short of bizarre. Considering that it was MJ who shot that poorly, it is no wonder no one ever talks about it.

If you go back in recent history, Paul George's miserable performance in the 2018 3-pt contest was still miles better than this. In fact, PG13's 26.69% is way higher than Michael Jordan's 16.67%.

Jordan's miserable performance is the worst in NBA history.

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Is Michael Jordan's 16.67% in the 3-pt contest the worst ever?

Yes, by far. In second place is Vladimir Radmanovic, who shot 6/30 making one more shot than MJ.

Despite this, there are others such as Clyde Drexler, Allen Iverson, Khris Middleton, and Kyle Lowry on the list. These guys are good shooters and their presence on the list just goes to show that nobody is immune to going cold from three-point land.

To see Jordan topping the charts was certainly unexpected but can we fault him? Not really. And at the time three-pointers didn't have the impact or prominence it does now.

Like one user said, MJ had no business being in the contest in the first place. But it is good to know that 3-pt shooting was his kryptonite. Use that in the GOAT debate the next time.

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