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August 18, 2022

Military Tycoon Codes - Redeem For Free Credits

Get the latest Military Tycoon codes for free cash and use it to buy new weapons, tanks, and other cool military gear in this Roblox fighting game!

Get the latest Military Tycoon codes, a Roblox tycoon game where you play as the ruler of a heavy military arsenal based on real-life countries. If you redeem these codes in-game you'll get a bunch of free cash which is used to buy and upgrade your weapons and other tools! You can use tanks, planes, jets, and other weapons to wage a war against your enemies on the server. Love military tycoons? You should check out other popular tycoon games, like Oil Warfare Tycoon and Base Battles.

All codes were checked and working on Aug 17

All Military Tycoon Codes

Here are all the working codes for Military Tycoon as of August 2022.

code awards
followers5k 100k free credits in game
600klikes 50k free credits
550klikes 50k free credits
f16 50k free credits
hollidayu 50k free credits
newplane 50k free credits

Remember, all Roblox codes are case-sensitive. This means you'll need to enter them exactly as you see them above, otherwise, the code won't work. You can copy and paste right from this list!


expired code

Here are the expired Military Tycoon codes.

  • means - 50k free credits
  • 450klikes - 50k free credits
  • 400klikes - free in-game credits to purchase new gear
  • lag fixed - 150,000 cash
  • out age - 750k cash to spend on your arsenal!
  • free cash - 750k free cash
  • badegghunt - 50k free credits
  • 24ktank - 50,000 free cash
  • missile truck - 150,000 free cash
  • 300klikes - 75,000 free cash
  • battlecruiser - 50k free credits
  • weakupdate
  • 110mvis
  • battleship
  • 100mvis
  • 250klikes
  • 500kfavs
  • FlyingFortress

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How To Redeem Codes In Military Tycoon

Follow these simple steps to redeem your Military Tycoon codes.

  • Load up the game.
  • Hit the "Thumbs Up" button on the left-side menu.
  • This will open a code box.
  • Type in the code (or copy and paste right from the list).
  • Redeem for your free cash!

If your code doesn't work, it might be because you entered it incorrectly. Make sure to copy and paste the codes directly from the table. If the code still doesn't work, it's probably expired - it will give you an "Invalid" or "Expired" message if that's the case! Check back soon for new codes.

How To Get More Military Tycoon Codes

Codes are typically released on the game's official Twitter or via the community Discordyou can bookmark this page and check back regularly to see if we've found any new codes.

What Is Military Tycoon?

Military Tycoon is a tycoon or simulator game in Roblox. You start off with a small army and with no big ships, planes, or tanks. Over time, and by using these free codes, you can start to build up your forces. These are then used to conquer different parts of the map for your country! The more pieces of land you own, the higher your score, and the more cash you can make over time. There is a huge range of different vehicles you can use, and a whole arsenal of weaponry. New stuff is added pretty regularly.

Latest update

The latest few updates have helped performance between mobile, console, and PC, as well as added a new and optimized map to highlight these changes. You can also now get your hands on the brand-new Tiger tank, which is buildable in the game. The next update is all about ships, so stay tuned.

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