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June 24, 2022

Minecraft Patch 1.19.1 - Moderation May Block All Multiplayer

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June 23, 2022, 10:02 p.m

An upcoming update to Minecraft will change the ban outlines for players who break the rules. From the moment it comes into force, the user affected by the punishment will completely say goodbye to playing in multiplayer, even on private servers. Some fans are not happy about it.

the list of changes that will be introduced to Minecraft has hit the web. In addition to fixing many bugs that have been haunted the players, the list also includes an important point about the new rules, including bans handed out by moderation to "unruly" players. After the patch comes into effect banned players will no longer be able to play in multiplayer mode; they will only be able to play alone.

Ban on every server

The new rules for punishing players assume that if a user of an online server is found to have violated the Community Standards, he will be banned not only from the server where they committed the offense, but also from all other servers. This applies both to Minecraft Realms as well as private servers.

As we read on the official website:

"In addition to reporting chat support, reported players can now be banned from online play and Minecraft Realms after being checked by a moderator.

When you start the game, a notification screen will appear if you are banned from online play."

Once the update takes effect, a player whose behavior is disliked by fellow players will be able to be reported directly to Mojang moderation for serious offenses.

If the moderation decides that the report is valid, the player will be banned from playing with other people. He also wants to be informed of the reason and length of the ban.

Community reactions

While it may seem that you should not indulge in breaking the rules in any form, the Players do not seem to be happy with the upcoming changes. According to many private servers should not be under the jurisdiction of developers.

"Are they? [private servers - ed. note] still private when Big Brother Microsoft is watching over them?," asks Reddit user Shinwrathen.

Many players seem to be disgusted by the fact that Mojang (and, by extension, Microsoft) will get the power to decide who gets to play online and who doesn't. It is this point that appears to be the biggest bone of contention.

Some are hoping that with the new update, private server owners will retain the ability to decide the fate of players assembling in their own backyard.

As Reddit user ParedeS0 notes:

"[...] I don't know how the banning part of the reporting system will be implemented, but it's possible that by the time it's fully rolled out, Mojang will have opted for something more lenient (such as sending the server a notification that someone has been banned , but letting its members decide if they want to honor the ban). Servers will also be able to let you play by disabling online mode, but this involves a lot of other issues, so it's unlikely to happen on large public servers. In theory, however, you could use this to play on your own servers."

For now, the solution is being tested, with the possibility of an early download of the so-called "pre-release" content. The update is due to come into effect on June 28. Then we will see if the new banning system will be as onerous as the players fear.

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