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July 20, 2022

MLB The Show 22 Home Run Derby Pack: Players, Price

Last night we saw the baseballs take flight over and over again. Of course, we're talking about the T-Mobile Home Run Derby.

Each player in the Derby was given their own Home Run Derby series card in MLB The Show 22. Some of these cards are outstanding. So let's take a look at who these players are and how to get them.

With the All-Star game tonight, be on the lookout for the All-Star Game Choice Pack, which releases tonight.


First off we'll discuss how to get these cards. Right now, players have the chance to buy two Home Run Derby Choice Packs. These packs cost 30,000 stubs but be careful, you don't have a definite chance to earn the champion.

In each pack, there is a 1:1 probability that you will get the base round. There is a 1:4 probability that you will get a player from the mid-round. Lastly, there is a 1:10 probability that you will get a rare round player.

If you weren't lucky enough to get the player you wanted in your two packs, the marketplace is your next best option. Right now, rare round players are going for around 220.00 stubs. The mid-round players are going for about 20,000 stubs and the base round players are going for about 12,000 stubs.

The Players

In total there are eight players in the Home Run Derby Choice Packs. We'll go round by round and talk about each card.

The Base Round

The base round is made up of players who lost in the first round of the derby. In this round, there are four players to choose from. All players are 95 overall in the base round. The four players are:

Ronald Acuna Jr - RF / Atlanta Braves
Corey Seager - SS / Texas Rangers
José Ramírez- 3B / Cleveland Guardians
Kyle Schwarber- LF / Philadelphia Phillies

The Mid Round

The mid round is made up of two players. These two players were able to win in the first round but lost in the semi-finals. Both of these players are 97 overalls. These players are:

Albert Pujols - 1B / St Louis Cardinals
Pete Alonso-1B / New York Mets

The Rare Round

Now here we are at the rare round. In this round, there are two players available. The Champion, Juan Soto, and the runner-up, Julio Rodriguez. Both of these cards are insanely good and will be in line-ups for a long time. Since Soto was crowned Champion, he is the only 99 overall in this pack while Rodriguez was given a 98 overall.

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