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July 31, 2022

Multi Versus Velma Build

MultiVersus is home to various Warner Brothers icons. Each character has its designated role. Velma from Scooby Doo is a support class that actually uses projectiles and attack moves to cast buffs/debuffs on friends and enemies. Here is the best MultiVersus Velma build for any players interested in playing her.

It's important to understand regardless of which perks are included in the tier list, any character can be utilized in MultiVersus. This means you can play a character with the best perks and still lose or play a character with the worst perks and still win.

Best Velma Perks

Velma spawns with 1 piece of evidence already collected. This signature perk allows her to be 1 more step closer to summoning her police car. When her meter is charged, Velma can summon a police car. When the police car grabs an enemy it can potentially drive opponents off into the blast zone.

Velma receives a 10% reduction to ability cooldowns. It goes up to 15% if her ally also chooses it. The majority of Velama's skill-set relies on the cooldown of her abilities. Whether she is buffing her teammates or attacking her enemies there will most likely be a cooldown at times

  • Perk slot 2: Make it Rain, Dog!

The team receives a 20% increase in projectile speed. With most of Velma's critical moves being projectiles her main focus is getting as many projectiles out as quickly as possible.

The team deals 5% increased damage with projectiles. Again with most of Velma's skill-set pertaining to projectiles, Deadshot is a smart perk to use.

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