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August 4, 2022

MultiVersus: Finn Guide

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MultiVersus has a number of characters who can fit into a series of diverse archetypes. But what if you just want to duff people with some heavy hits? And what if you still want to be able to speed around the battlefield? Well, then there is a character for you and his name is Finn.

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But while Finn has a pretty simple gameplan, and has a number of moves that almost instantly make sense, he also has a number of unique quirks that make him operate completely differently from every other character in the game. So, if you want to know how his charge attacks work, or what his item shop is all about, then this guide will show you the way. And worry not, we'll make sure to cover all the basics as well. We got you, fam.


Ability Overview

MultiVersus, Finn, Upward Attack Clipping Batman

Finn is categorized as a "horizontal" focused character. If we are being honest, we think that fails to acknowledge how strong his vertical tools are. Finn has an incredibly powerful assortment of chargeable normals. Not only are these charge moves powerful and rangy, but Finn has a special trait that allows him to move while charging his grounded attacks.. He is an assassin class characterso he can't take too many hits. However, his range, and incredible speed, really help compensate for his low health.

Being able to move while charging isn't Finn's only exceptional attribute, though. He also comes equipped with a unique shop mechanic. During a match, he can enter into a shop with his grounded down special. This allows him to purchase extra speed, give himself armor, or even purchase a powerful (if short-ranged) attack. You gain money by hitting your opponent and collecting the coins that drop on the ground.

Your partner can collect money for you as well. However, his backpack attacks, which are his most potent, cause his coins to spill out. These attacks also do more damage the more coins you have in your possession. So, if you want to hit extra hard with your backpack attacks, you are going to need to keep a decent stack of coins on hand.

Grounded attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
chop! attack MultiVersus, Finn, Charged Neutral Attack Chargeable This is one of Finn's chargeable attacks. It has a nice, juicy hitbox and very respectable range. The fact that—like all of Finn's normal attacks—you can charge it while moving makes this move really potent for potshotting enemies who are committed to attacks. .
The Sword Stuff Forward + Attack Multi Versus, Finn, Forward Attack Chargeable (first strike) This is Finns' combo attack. It is rangy and leads directly into his Slasher! attack.
slashers! Up + Attack Multi Versus, Finn, Up Attack Chargeable It isn't uncommon for up-tilts to be pretty good in MulitVersus. Many characters are able to jump cancel their moves and follow up with air attacks. But Finn's Slasher! doesn't even require a jump cancel at most percentages, as it carries you into the air.

Better yet, at most percentages, it effortlessly combos into his neutral air attack, which combos into a tone of stuff. Basically, this move is extremely potent.

Low blow, bro! Down + Attack Multi Versus, Finn, Down Attack Chargeable, Armor Breaking This is a down spike that hits twice and breaks armor. Of course, as is the way with Finn, you can hold this move charged while moving freely.
High five dude! Special Multi Versus, Finn, High Five Special Frozen, Ice Gauntlet This is a great tool in Finn's kit. It isn't that amazing for knockouts, but it is a chargeable attack that allows you to move while having a stored charge that hits a little above Finn's head, which makes it a pretty good anti-air.

Another property of this attack is that it destroys projectiles.

Get Skonked! Forward + Special MultiVersus, Finn, Forward Special Chargeable, Reflects Projectiles Hey, if destroying projectiles with the High Five isn't enough for you, the shoulder charge actually reflects them. This is a pretty good tool for getting in on your enemies, and its ability to bat away projectiles only assists it in doing that.
Backpack Attack! Up + special MultiVersus, Finn, Backpack Attack Chargeable, Vacuum This is Finn's most notorious attack. It sees him spin around, hitting opponents on either side of him. While you may feel the impulse to spam this move initially, keep in mind that it leaves you a sitting duck for projectiles.
Sweet deal! Down + Special MultiVersus, Finn, Searching Through Bag This isn't an attack at all. Here Finn can buy one of three items. He can get the boots, which make him faster, the armor, appropriately, gives your armor moves, and BMO, which turns Sweet Deals into a stubby, but potent attack.

You can stack these items, but they will get gradually more expensive every time you buy one. Typically, you want to buy the boots firstas they really help Finn get around the arena.

Aerial attacks

Surname command image Additional Properties Description
Slam Bam In A Can! attack Multi Versus, Finn, Aerial Neutral Attack Armor breaking This is a midair normal attack for Finn. It naturally combos into literally every air special he has. Needless to say, this is an extremely potent attack and should be regularly utilized.

This air normal is a little on the stubby side, but you can combo into it off of Finn's Slasher! attack.

curiously, it will move Finn through his opponent on the first hit. This property will go on cooldown after it does so. You can still use the attack, it just won't travel through your opponent until the cooldown is up.

Flying Sword Moves! Forward + Attack MultiVersus, Finn, Flying Sword Attack This is a fast-moving sword attack. It hits relatively hard and moves Finn forward. Of course, it also has a pretty good range. This is a great approach tool and comboes into his Soaring Backpack Attack.
Sky Punch! Up + Attack Multi Versus, Finn, Aerial Forward Attack Up And Away is extremely useful for being able to lead into the Go Long! special. Otherwise, it is just a relatively basic chargeable normal attack that hits above Superman.

In order to follow up with Go Long! you will want to jump cancel this attack after it connects. Don't worry, the timing isn't tight.

Ground chop! Down + Attack Multi Versus, Finn, Aerial Down Attack This is a fantastic move with an amazing hitbox. Ground chop! will beat a number of anti-air options. It is a wonderful tool for approaching from above.
High five dude! Special Multi Versus, Finn, Aerial High Five Chargeable, Reflects Projectiles The aerial version of his neutral grounded special attack. It still has its projectile reflecting properties.

One thing worth noting is that if you charge this move, and then land, it transitions into being the grounded versionwhich means that you can keep holding it and run at your opponent.

Mathematical Air Dash! Forward + Special Multi Versus, Finn, Aerial Forward Special This move is an attack that sees Finn dash at his opponent. He will strike his opponent if he passes through them, but does the most damage if you hit them at the end of the dash.
Soaring Backpack Attack! Up + special MultiVersus, Finn, Aerial Backpack Attack This is similar to Finn's grounded Backpack Attack. Similar to that move, it is very powerful, especially if you have a lot of coins. This will be a key attack you will want to utilize.

Keep in mind that the Slam-Bam-In-A-Can! want combo directly into this.

Throwin' Stones! Down + Special Multi Versus, Finn, Down Special This move sees Finn throw a gem down. Once it is down his Mathematical Air Dash will teleport him right to it. This is great for recovering after being knocked off the platform, but it can also be a potent, and tricky, offensive tool.

Using this does cost coins. If you don't have enough, you will throw a weak projectile instead of the gem.

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Finn is a fantastically powerful character who will absolutely rack up the KOs. An excellent approach is to try to stay mobile while holding a charged attack. Once you see an opening, usually when an enemy is committed to an attack, dash in and let your charged attack rip. Chop! is one of your ranger chargeable attacks, but at some point, you will probably want to start going for a Slasher! attack so that you can get them into the air. Though, if you are fighting an opponent with a ton of armor, you may want to go for a Low Blow, Bro!

A great way to KO an opponent is to hit them with the Slasher!, then, once in the air, combo into the Slam-Bam-In-A-Can!, and finally finish them off with a Soaring Backpack Attack! This is an extremely potent sequence that can take out lighter opponents at a pretty low percentage, especially if you have a lot of coins on hand.

beyond that, use your Throwin' Stones! to get behind your opponent in a really sneaky manner. This is a hectic game, so your opponent will probably be too focused on fighting opponents to notice your gem hanging around. Which means they will probably be taken by surprise when you teleport to it.

As for your coinage, you are probably going to want to balance buying speed upgrades (the boots), while also holding onto a decent amount to help your backpack attacks hit harder.

Team Play Strategy

While Finn is going to be doing his own thing a lot of the time, your ability to stay mobile while simultaneously charging moves will make it possible to interrupt your opponent's combos with a massively damaging attack. This will provide your partner with a decent amount of support, as you will be simultaneously landing huge hits while rescuing your ally. Though, it could be said that you are just using your ally as bait...

Another thing to factor in is Finn's Get Skonked! attack. It reflects projectiles, which means that if you are fighting a team of mages, you can help shut down their projectile game. Thus, you can help protect your ally from fireballs in these types of matchups.

Finn's Progression Unlocks

Finn's Signature Perk Overview

We're going to level with you, here. Neither of these perks are really earth-shattering. They will both help you balance out your coin usage, and are worth equipping, but they really don't fundamentally change Finn's gameplan. While going out of business gives you a nice discount at the shop when you are injured (or your ally has been rung out), we probably prefer the coin generating On The House! as you will likely be landing a large number of fully charged attacks.

Honestly, you could probably go with either of these and be fine. These Signature Perks certainly don't offer the same level of build specialization that most characters get with their Signature Perks. Though, maybe Finn has enough going on already as it is.

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