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July 22, 2022

Multiversus LeBron James Release Date

During San Diego Comic-Con Multiversus had their time to shine. The all-new fighter has brought with it plenty of criticism but many who have enjoyed the open beta as well. One of the main reasons is that the Warner Brothers franchises allow for many new characters to make their way into the game. The first new character revealed since the originals in Multiversus is LeBron James from his time in the new Space Jam Legecy movie. Here is the Multiversus LeBron James Release Date.

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LeBron James will be a bruiser in this game. Meaning he will be able to do some meaningful damage while also being beefy. This would fit with arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

In terms of moves, LeBron James brings him a basketball. To no one's surprise. He will be using it to do multiple moves. One of them is a slam dunk that seems to be his down special. He also can throw it hitting multiple players at a time. Once the moveset is officially revealed fans will likely be very happy with how interesting it is.

Overall the addition of LeBron James is not a huge surprise as it was leaked and rumored that he would be in the game. What is interesting is that he may end up being a pretty solid character seeing how his moveset looked. It is hard not to mention that the voice acting from LeBron himself on the character felt pretty natural. At least from what was shown in the reveal video.

LeBron James will be coming much sooner than many might think. The Multiversus LeBron James release date is July 26, only a few days after his official reveal.

LeBron James Multiversus Release Date
LeBron James Multiversus Release Date

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