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June 22, 2022

MultiVersus Wants To Be A Contender On The Competitive Scene – GameSpace.com

Don't let looks deceive you, MultiVersus is going all out to take its Saturday morning cartoon mayhem onto the competitive spotlight at Evo.

WB Games, the gaming brand bearing the instantly recognizable Warner Brothers logo has just dropped gameplay footage and news that might want to make competitive Smash players perk up their ears and take a look around. After bursting into view earlier this year and giving fans a sample of the action in May, MultiVersus did more than just pit Batman against Scooby-Doo in an odd but compelling mix of Saturday Morning Cartoon arena bouts. It also proved to be a much more capable brawler than we initially gave it credit for.

Now WB is hoping that the mantra 'show don't tell' works for competitive types. A new video has appeared across the title's social channels depicting the 2v2 mode with some well known competitors. Already familiar among the fighting scene, Fighting Game Community (FGC) gamers – ApologyMan and Spooky – each paired with a top performing player from the recent MultiVersus Closed Alpha – Brokkr and Leviathan. ApologyMan (playing as Tom & Jerry) and Brokkr (playing as Superman) represented the Blue Team and faced off against the Red Team of Spooky (playing as Shaggy) and Leviathan (playing as Velma). While this is mostly an exhibition, it is an intriguing direction to take a free to play game.

What's more, players picking up MutiVersus can throw their hat in the ring and participate in the MultiVersus 2 vs. 2 tournament at the Evolution Championship Series 2022 (Evo). This competitive event runs from 5 Aug – 6 Aug 2022, and features a $100,000 prize pool. Ok, it's not the biggest pot of gold in Vegas, but it's going to be worth a glance or two just to keep an eye on the community's reaction to a high-kicking roster of classic heroes.

For now, you can take a look at something very different to the likes of the upcoming DNF Fuel over on the official MultiVersus website.

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