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June 12, 2022

"Namaste Klay is ready for Game 5": NBA Twitter coin new nickname for Warriors guard anticipating Game 6 Klay to arrive earlier

Warriors guard Klay Thompson turns to meditation ahead of Game Five of the NBA Finals, leading to Dub Nation anticipating a monster performance from him.

Currently going through a massive slump, it is only a matter of time before Klay Thompson erupts. It's no secret when hot Thompson can be more lethal than his Splash Brother Stephen Curry. Whether it's getting 60 points on 11 dribbles, scoring 37 points in a quarter, or the iconic game 6 Klay.

Thompson hasn't looked the same since his back-to-back catastrophic injuries, especially when it comes to his efficiency. The former 3-point contest winner is shooting 35% from the field in the current finals. In what many believe, the ease at which Thompson played the game seems to be missing.

Making his 6th consecutive Finals appearance, the Warriors need the other half of their Splash Brother to join the party if they wish to win the title. With the pressure continuing to mount on the three-time champion, Boat Klay took to the Bay to clear his mind.

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Thompson would give a glimpse of his meditation session in the Bay with the following caption.

β€œThe ocean heals the mind, body, and soul.”

NBA Twitter anticipates Game 6 Klay to arrive earlier.

Thompson's recent endeavor in the ocean might have just earned him a new nickname. The five-time All-Star's boat rides kept him in the headlines during his off-time from the basketball. The warriors guard found a lot of peace while sailing in the bay.

Thus with a crucial Game Five ahead, Thompson decided to don his Sea Captain.

Though there is no denying his skill level, there is some heavy lifting required from Thompson in the coming days.

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