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June 27, 2022

NBA 2K22 NEXT Pack Locker Code

The NBA 2K22 NEXT Pack is now available in MyTEAM. After each year's NBA draft over the past few seasons, NBA 2K has added some of the top incoming rookies in the upcoming years into the current game, giving 2K players a peek at the new talents coming in the next game.

This year's NEXT Pack includes both incoming rookies and some of the best rookies of last year's class as End Game and Dark Matter cards. If you want to get one of these packs for free, here's the newest NBA 2K22 locker code that can grant you the NEXT pack.

To redeem locker codes, you'll need to head over to the Options tab and look for the Locker Codes section. Once you click on Locker Codes, a box will appear where you'll be able to type in the locker code that you'd like to use.

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