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June 23, 2022

New Star Guardian Skins Are Headed to PBE

Fighting for all things good in the world, here come the latest recruits to the Star Guardian core. On Wednesday June 22, League of Legends revealed a new batch of Star Guardian skins for several champions. Ekko, Kai'Sa and Sona are lucky ones this time around. Also in the trailer is a new skin for Fiddlesticks, which looks to be a darker take on the Star Guardian line. Maybe the scarecrow actually made it to the team, much like the other unlikely member Urgot.

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For this batch of skins, it looks like Ekko will receive the prestige edition of the skin. Typically with new releases only one champion will receive a legendary version, so it appears that Ekko is the winner in the prestige lottery.

The recent increase of Star Guardian skins comes alongside the new Star Guardian event. Earlier in the week Riot Games release a new teaser trailer promoting the upcoming in-game event. The event will be similar to other thematic events in the past, like the recent Highnoon event and the Sentinels of Light event last year. The event is sure to be packed to the brim with Star Guardian themed icons and emotes, as well as the Star Guardian skins.

The new event will hit the live servers July 14. The new update will more than likely also feature a brand new champion Nilah. Nilah joins the game at just the right time, as she will also be wearing the Star Guardian uniform along with her base skin on release.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games

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