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July 29, 2022

New Super Lucky's Tale - The Game I Never Knew I Needed > NAG

One of my first introductions to the beautiful world of gaming came in the form of platformer games. I couldn't even guess how many hours of my childhood were spent playing Spyro, Croc and Crash Bandicoot games. Because of my ingrained love for platformer games, I can't help but get excited each time a new one gets released - even if I'm hardly their target audience anymore.

This is why the first game I downloaded using Xbox Game Pass was New Super Lucky's Tale – a platformer that seemed to come straight out of the gaming wishing well young me once threw a coin into. Now before I say anything about the game, I can sum up all my thoughts about it in one small sentence:

If you grew up playing platforms, then New Super Lucky's Tale is sure to give you a nostalgic rush stronger than any rush of adrenaline, regardless of whether you've ever played the original game or not.

New Super Lucky's Tale - The Game I Never Knew I Needed

Based on the above, you'd be fair to assume that I walked away from my time in New Super Lucky's Tale with a goofy smile on my face, and you'd be right. New Super Lucky's Tale is my ideal type of platformer; it's colourful, eye-catching, lighthearted and requires no relaxation-breaking focus.

I spent most of my time playing the game while lying in bed, listening to a true crime podcast, and it was perfect. Now don't get me wrong, if you didn't grow up on platformers or even if you did, but like a game that's going to challenge you, then New Super Lucky's Tale is probably not going to be for you; it is, after all, a game aimed at children, HOWEVER, if you're looking for something that's just going to be fun then New Super Lucky's Tale delivers in spades.

Essentially, New Super Lucky's Tale is the game we all need in our lives. There are no online features, so you don't need to deal with toxic fandoms, there are no microtransactions, so your wallet can breathe easily, and there are no loot boxes. New Super Lucky's Tale is like the games we grew up loving: simple and complete.

New Super Lucky's Tale - The Game I Never Knew I Needed

Like the gameplay, the premise of the game is straightforward and oh so enjoyable. You play as Lucky, a young fox with the most essential job: protecting the Book of Ages from a cat called Jynx. As Lucky, you'll play through various stages trying to find and collect clovers which are used to help you gain control over the fabled book.

The game should take roughly 12 hours to complete and is broken up into hub worlds that can be explored to uncover secrets or travel to any of the game's self-contained levels. These levels come with many of your typical platformer varieties, from 2d areas to endless runners – New Super Lucky's Tale has it all.

New Super Lucky's Tale


New Super Lucky's Tale is an underrated platformer game that anyone looking to wind down, relax and be teleported back to their childhoods should play. It's also a game that's perfect for introducing to children so that they can experience the same gateway drug into gaming that many of us did.


The perfect length to binge play over a weekend

Responsive and polished controls

A joy from beginning to end


So many cut-scenes - none of which can be skipped

It can feel a little easy towards the second half of the game when you'd expect the difficulty to increase, but it doesn't

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